Travel EGYPT
  • The Sphinx of Giza

    The Great Sphinx of Giza is the biggest stone sculpture in the world and it’s one of the main attractions in Egypt.

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  • The Aswan Dam

    If the Asuan dam were destroyed, Egypt would disappear too!

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  • Experience Nubia

    In Nubia you can take pictures of sandy landscapes, ride a camel and even hold a crocodile in your arms!

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  • Travel to Cairo

    Travel to Cairo and visit the Pyramid of Sakkara, the mother of all pyramids, and a symbol of pharaonic power

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  • Explore the Island of Philae

    Philae is an archaeological site that houses great legends of Egyptian mythology. Learn about the ambitious conservation project for the area.

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  • Vaccination

    No special vaccination is required to enter Egypt; however, DINKtravelers recommends you to be vaccinated against tetanus and cholera.

  • Look for Napoleon in Philae

    Travel like a keen observer and look for the inscription in French “an 7 de la République” made by Napoleon.

  • Currency

    The local currency is the Egyptian Pound (EGP), but credit cards, dollars and euros are accepted in tourist sites.

  • Archaeological Marks

    In some parts of the buildings in Philae you can still find marks left behind by the water that covered them after the first Aswan dam flooded.