Travel CUBA
  • Automobiles in Cuba

    In Cuba you’ll find over 60,000 cars that date back to the early 20th century. These classic models will make you relive the 50s!

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  • Pack Intelligent

    When traveling to Cuba remember to pack all you need, even a first aid kit. It might even be complicated to purchase a toothbrush at this destination.

  • Spend One Night in Cuba

    Cuban nights are famous all around the world, so don’t leave Cuba without planning an overnight stay.

  • Classic Models

    If you visit Cuba prepare to travel back in time with the automobiles you’ll find there.

  • Cuban Trips

    Even though you’ll always find tour packages from Habana, Cuba to Varadero, you can also rent a car and travel to Cienfuegos, Trinidad and other nearby towns.

  • Limited Wi-Fi

    Did you know that only 5% of Cubans have internet Access?

  • Waiting Call

    Until 2008 Cell phones were prohibited in Cuba.