• Taste Good Coffee

    The experience of coffee tasting can be enthralling and intense. Enjoy it while you travel to all the coffee regions in the world.

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  • Route in Colombia

    Colombia, Latin America’s coffee capital, offers a wide variety of routes you can enjoy. Are you in?

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  • Refreshing Beer with Latin Rhythms

    Enjoy the varied choices of Latin American beer and drink to joy!

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  • Must-see Attractions in Bogota

    If you have limited time to visit Bogota, plan a visit to Candelaria Neighborhood and the Gold Museum.

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  • Tourism in Guatape

    Guatape, Colombia is a destination that combines culture, nature and adventure, all wrapped in a world that seems to be suspended in time.

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  • Coffee Tourism

    Love for coffee has left its mark on different destinations around the world. Visit them with DINKtravelers.

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  • Enjoy a Cup of Java

    Visit the great coffee grower haciendas that make Coatepec such an ideal destination for coffee lovers.

  • Coffee Tasting

    If you order a coffee after lunch and it gets cold, then you’ll know if it’s a good variety, because quality coffee tastes great even cold

  • Order Coffee and Chocolate

    Order a coffee with dark chocolate. It enhances the taste of coffee.

  • Save in Rides

    If you travel between Colombian cities check flight prices. Sometimes they’re cheaper and more convenient that land transport.

  • Find Your Way Without Apps

    If you are in Bogota, a simple way to find your way is by looking at the mountains. They’re located east of the city.

  • Serve the Perfect Angle

    When pouring a beer remember you have to do it at an angle of 45 degrees. This way you won’t produce too much foam and you’ll achieve the perfect texture.

  • Airport-Downtown Transportation in Bogota

    The best transportation options from El Dorado Airport to Downtown Bogota are authorized taxis and Line K of TransMilenio buses.

  • What to do at the Peñol-Guatape dam?

    This dam covers 64 kilometers around the eastern part of Antioquia in Colombia. Make the best of your visit by practicing nautical sports or taking a fast boat tour.

  • Coffee Making Tradition

    Coffee growth and commerce since the 19th century made Coatepec a rich region that still preserves its coffee making tradition.

  • Coffee Trees

    Coffee Trees take up to four years to reach their mature production.

  • Colombian Nature

    In Colombia, a tree grows three times as fast as in Chile and nine times as fast as in Canada.

  • Natural Colombia

    As curious as it may seem, Colombia is the world’s second most biodiverse country.

  • Characteristics of a Stout

    Dark beer doesn’t have a greater alcohol content than light beer. Its only difference is that barley was more toasted during its elaboration process.

  • Beer Phobias

    Did you know there’s a phobia to having an empty glass of beer in your hand? It’s called Cenosillicaphobia.

  • The Best Restaurants in Bogota

    La Macarena and the district of Chapinero, two neighborhoods located north of Bogota, are the main restaurant and bar areas in the city.

  • Zip-lining in Guatape

    The zip-line is open everyday from 8:00am to 7:00pm (except on Mondays). The ticket price per person and per flight is 10,000 Colombian pesos.

  • Coffee Lovers

    Coffee arrived in Europe in the early seventeenth century. It’s said that King Louis XIV and Pope Clement III were the first to become fond of it.

  • Coffee Producer

    In 1800 Brazil was the main coffee producer in the world.