• The Sound of Music Locations

    Enjoy a trip to Salzburg and come alive with The Sound of Music and a piece of cake!

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  • The True History of The Croissant

    The croissant represents the crescent moon of the Turkish flag. Discover the history behind this “French” breakfast meal by traveling to Vienna.

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  • Tip in Vienna

    When you visit a restaurant in Vienna tip 5 to 10% of your total bill.

  • Viennese Croissant

    The croissant was created in 17th century Vienna. It immortalized a victory against the Turks.

  • Unexpected Origins

    Even though it’s famous in France, the croissant was created in Vienna.

  • Pain au Chocolat

    The croissant that’s filled with chocolate is called pain au chocolat and it’s not shaped like a crescent moon.

  • Etiquette in Austria

    In Austria it’s impolite to put your hands under the table while eating.