• The Sound of Music Locations

    Enjoy a trip to Salzburg and come alive with The Sound of Music and a piece of cake!

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  • The True History of The Croissant

    The croissant represents the crescent moon of the Turkish flag. Discover the history behind this “French” breakfast meal by traveling to Vienna.

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  • The Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna

    Vienna is waiting for you to go on an aristocratic adventure at the Schönbrunn Palace.

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  • Tip in Vienna

    When you visit a restaurant in Vienna tip 5 to 10% of your total bill.

  • Call Home

    If you want to call abroad from Vienna, do it in the phone cabins located in postal offices. You’ll find the instructions displayed in several languages.

  • Take a Walk Around a Palace-Zoo

    Visit a palace, a zoo and gardens in one place: The Schönbrunn Palace and Gardens in Vienna. It was home to the Habsburg and it’s declared World Heritage.

  • Buy the Vienna Card Online

    Discover and learn about places, flavors and landscapes with the right tool to make the most of your adventure. Buy your Vienna Card online before your trip.

  • Discover All the Attractions in Vienna

    The palaces, museums, coffee shops, theatres, vineyards, castles and concert halls Vienna has to offer are part of an excellent cultural experience that you cannot miss. Just remember that the cost of many of these places is determined by sections or rooms, not by the attractions as a whole, due to Austria´s arduous efforts to preserve these places.

  • Closed Attractions in Vienna

    Keep in mind that all the establishments in Austria are closed on Sundays, including the Brunnenmarkt or Brunnen Market.

  • Viennese Croissant

    The croissant was created in 17th century Vienna. It immortalized a victory against the Turks.

  • Unexpected Origins

    Even though it’s famous in France, the croissant was created in Vienna.

  • Pain au Chocolat

    The croissant that’s filled with chocolate is called pain au chocolat and it’s not shaped like a crescent moon.

  • Etiquette in Austria

    In Austria it’s impolite to put your hands under the table while eating.

  • Brunnenmarkt in Austria

    Austria´s ethnic diversity has made the capital a rich place, not only in the cultural and commercial aspect, but also in the gastronomic one. At the Brunnenmarkt, located in district 16, the merchants and products are mostly Turkish.