• The Best Dishes in Greek Gastronomy

    Learn about the history and recipe behind two typical and exquisite dishes you’ll taste in your next trip to Greece: tzatziki and moussaka, and discover the world bite by bite.

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  • 8 Tips for Visiting Museums

    Follow our advice and make the best out of your visits to museums. Are you ready?

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  • Acropolis and Parthenon of Athens

    Surround yourself with history, mythology and art by visiting one of the most emblematic monuments of universal culture: the Parthenon

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  • Travel to Santorini and Relive Mamma Mia!

    Travel to Santorini and relive the ABBA musical, Mamma Mia!

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  • The Caryatids of the Acropolis

    The goddess of wisdom protects Athens from her abode in the Acropolis while the faithful Caryatids keep her company.

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  • Odeon of Herodes Atticus

    Allow the muses to hypnotize you with their chant at the Odeon of Herodes Atticus in Athens.

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  • Tourists and Greek Cats

    Greece is a famous destination thanks to its gastronomy, its classical temples, its myths and… its cats.

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  • Gestures Around the World

    When visiting a new destination, are you sure your hand gestures mean what you want to express?

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  • Make a Toast with Retsina

    Pair your lunch with a glass of retsina, a 100% Greek resinated white or rose wine

  • Dine and Dance

    Nightlife in Athens is quite lively. Dine out and try some moussaka accompanied by traditional Greek music.

  • Visit a Historic Museum

    Visit the National Museum of Slavery in Angola. It’s located in the Casa Grande Chapel, the place where slaves were baptized before being shipped to America.

  • Find Art Everywhere

    Visit the National Museum of Fine Arts in Argentina. It has the biggest collection of the country’s Artistic Heritage .

  • Cultural Berlin

    Berlin has 170 museums, but if you’re not a big fan of these sites, at least include the Pergamon Museum in your route.

  • Enjoy Athens at Night

    It’s fine to go out for a walk at night in Athens. Streets are quite calm.

  • Take the Easy Way

    If you think it’s too exhausting to climb Mount Likavitos by going up its endless stairway, remember you can also take the cable car

  • Enjoy a Long Stay in Athens

    Plan at least a 2-day stay in Athens in order to have time to visit the most remarkable landmarks.

  • Choose the Best Travel Season

    If you travel to Athens in summer time, take your precautions. Temperatures can be very high and sometimes they close the Acropolis a bit earlier.

  • Enjoy Art for Free

    At the base of the path leading up to the Acropolis there’s a patio where you can see several classical sculptures. Even tough there are no signs that indicate you should keep away, don’t touch them or else the site’s guards will reprimand you.

  • Visit Santorini in September

    Travel to Santorini in September and enjoy the renowned classical music festival that takes places in the town of Fira every year.

  • Find The Best Souvenirs From Greece

    In your trip to Athens you can buy reproductions of fine jewelry similar to the one used in ancient Greece. These models are made by local artisans in gold, silver and colorful minerals.

  • Rescue a Furry Friend

    If you choose to rescue and adopt a stray cat when you travel to Greece, check the pets import guides issued by your country and learn all you need to know to guarantee its safety and well being.

  • Create a Travel Calendar

    Take pictures of the cats you find happily napping on Greek monuments and then use the photos to make a calendar you can gift as an original souvenir.

  • Countless Museums

    There are 151 known museums in Mexico City. After London, it’s the city with the greatest number of museums in the world.

  • San Angel and the Carmelites

    San Angel was named after the Carmelite convent that was founded in the area and that was dedicated to this saint. Nowadays the convent houses El Carmen Museum.

  • Everyone in One Place

    30% of the Greek population lives in 1% of the Greek territory, which is the region taken up by Athens

  • Ancient Greece

    Athens is one of the most ancient cities in the world

  • Modern Olympic Games

    The first Olympic Games of the modern era took place in Athens in 1896

  • Architectural Athens

    In Athens you can find diverse architectonic styles that range from Greco-Roman to Neoclassic and Modern

  • Europe's Cultural Capital

    Athens became the first Cultural Capital in Europe

  • Athena's Temple

    The Parthenon was built for the goddess Athena; however, in the 6th century it was transformed into a church dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

  • The Parthenon-Mosque

    In 1444, when the Ottomans conquered Athens, they turned the Parthenon into a mosque.

  • Concerts in the Acropolis

    The Acropolis in Athens has been used as a concert stage.

  • Santorini’s Old Name

    Before being called Santorini, the Greek island was known as Kallístē, which means “the most beautiful one”.

  • The Two Porticos of the Erechtheion

    A peculiar feature of the Erechtheion is that it has two porticos; one with ionic columns in the northeast entrance, and the one of the famous Caryatides facing southeast

  • The Newbie at the Acropolis

    The Erechtheion is the most recently constructed building in the Acropolis in Athens

  • Concerts At The Odeon

    Several events have been held at the Odeon of Herodes Atticus. For example, the Miss Univers pageant (1973), a concert by the Greek singer Nana Mouskouri (1984), the Live at the Acropolis concert by the Greek pianist and composer Yanni (1993) and, more recently, a Carmina Burana performance (2016).

  • Egyptian Cats

    Cats were taken to Greece by Phoenician merchants who brought them from Egypt.

  • Greek Keepers

    In Greece, cats help protect the city from rats and mice, so they are very solidary with their community.