Travel MUSIC
  • The Sound of Music Locations

    Enjoy a trip to Salzburg and come alive with The Sound of Music and a piece of cake!

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  • Tonhalle Concert Hall

    Visit a planetarium-turned-concert hall and meet one of the greatest exponents of classical music in the world.

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  • Huapango Mexican Music

    The huapango is a musical genre that is typical of the Mexican Huasteca region, and that combines prehispanic dances with Flamenco and Fandangos.

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  • New Orleans Music Tours

    In New Orleans you’ll find artists that will fill your trip with jazz rhythms as they play their trumpets and saxophones.

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  • Fados and Saudades

    Portuguese fado’s lyrics incorporate feelings of sadness, but its verses are performed with sweet rhythms that give birth to melancholic melodies.

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  • Vivid and Exciting Experiences in Jamaica

    Travel to Jamaica where great reggae singer Bob Marley was born… and where you’ll taste the best coffee brew and all kinds of rum.

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  • Greet Without Misunderstandings

    In order to greet someone in Germany, give a firm handshake because a hug could be misinterpreted.

  • Buy a German Souvenir

    Before leaving Dusseldorf buy Killepitsch, the perfect liquor to take home as a souvenir.

  • Plan Your Arrival

    In Germany, punctuality is important, so if you plan to go to a cultural event, the show will surely start on time and if you’re late, they might deny you Access.

  • Listen to Great Jazz

    The best neighborhood to listen to good jazz in New Orleans is the French Borrough; however, if you walk the city streets you’ll be surprised by Street artists.

  • Make a Toast for Jazz

    Visit Maison de Bourbon in New Orleans, a pub dedicated to the preservation of jazz.

  • Find the Ideal Tour

    Go to the tourist office in New Orleans and subscribe to one of the city tours they have available. It’s worth it.

  • Listen to a New Rhythm

    In Lisbon, the area with the greatest tradition of fado music is Alfama, so visit it and fill your trip with Portuguese rhythms.

  • Listen to a New Rhythm

    If you want to listen to traditional fado, you must visit the University of Coimbra.

  • Dine and Dance

    Make reservations for a fado music show/dinner. It’s an excellent chance to learn more about this music genre.

  • Try The Best Rum Cocktails

    Rum is Jamaica’s national drink and they mix it with just about any other beverage. Try it mixed with coconut water for a sweet yet refreshing beach cocktail.

  • German Fairs

    Dusseldorf is one of the cities with the greatest number of fairs in the world.

  • Tons of Culture

    Apart from the Academy of Fine Arts, there are other cultural attractions in Dusseldorf such as the German Museum of Ceramics And the Dusseldorf Art Museum at the Ehrenhof.

  • Ancient Modernity

    Dusseldorf is said to be a very modern city; however, its history began over 700 years ago.

  • Music that Creates Identity

    As a music genre, jazz helped fight racial prejudice.

  • Worldly Famous

    New Orleans is worldly known for its architecture, its gastronomy and jazz.

  • Historic Jazz

    Livery Stable Blues was the first jazz song ever to be recorder; this was in 1917.

  • Fado in Lisbon

    In Coimbra, fado is linked to the city’s university. Traditionally it’s sung exclusively by men, unlike fado in Lisbon, which is sung by women.

  • Dance Reggae in Jamaica

    A Jamaican proverb says: “those who can’t dance say the music is no good”. There, people have great music and they dance to the rhythm Bob Marley hits like “No Woman No Cry” and “Don’t Worry Be Happy”.