• Tasmania Camping Itinerary for a 6 Day Route

    Explore the natural world in Tasmania! The route Cradle Mountain to Lake St Clair National Park is perfect to practice fun ecotouristic activities.

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  • British Columbia Highway 52

    Get behind the wheel and drive from Niagara Falls to the City of Quebec along Heritage Highway in Canada!

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  • The Sound of Music Locations

    Enjoy a trip to Salzburg and come alive with The Sound of Music and a piece of cake!

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  • Travel Southern Mexico

    The adventure continues as we visit new sites where culture, nature and history blend together.

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  • Touristic Attractions in Buenos Aires

    Travel to Buenos Aires to meet Mafalda and visit El Federal café. Find tradition in the neighborhood of San Telmo.

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  • Way of St. James

    Follow these advices from a sybarite and experienced pilgrim and make the most of your walk along the Way of St. James

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  • Route Across Southeast Mexico

    Follow the Route Across Southeast Mexico designed by DINKtravelers and discover the roads that lead to a past submerged in a natural stage.

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  • Palau Travel Guide

    In the Republic of Palau there’s a superb spot where you can soak in nature. Pamper yourself in a milky-white beach and swim in a jellyfish lake.

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  • Routes Around the City of Avila

    Follow two routes through Avila that were inspired by the lives of women who marked this destination’s history.

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  • In the Footsteps of St. Teresa of Avila

    Teresa of Avila was a traveler in her time. Visit southern Spain and discover Teresa’s Footprints.

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  • All About the Garden Route

    Live and feel South Africa through the Garden Route, a journey that will take you whale watching in Hermanus and wine tasting in Paarl.

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  • Santa Claus Travel Route

    Call him Sinter Klaas or Santa Claus. This chubby and white-bearded guy will take you on a great holiday this December!

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  • Tour to The City of Nara

    Visit Nara, the city where you’ll find one of Japan’s largest bronze statues of Buddha, its second tallest pagoda, and hundreds of friendly deer.

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  • Cenote Trail in Yucatan

    Submerge in nature and swim in deep blue, crystalline and fresh waters like the ones you’ll find in the cenotes in Yucatan.

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  • El Chepe in Copper Canyon

    If you have a passion for trains and landscapes, your next destination is in the state of Chihuahua

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  • Vacations in the Canadian Rockies

    For every sip you have of the water that flows from the melting glaciers in the Canadian Rocky, you’ll live 10 years longer! This and more about this destination, right here.

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  • 2 Days in Seoul

    Do you have two days to spend in the exciting city of Seoul in South Korea? We’ll tell you how to spend them fruitfully.

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  • Motorbike Tour in Phuket

    Rent a motorcycle and visit the Giant Buddha and the Wat Chalong temple in Phuket.

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  • Ecotourism in Lake District

    Visit Lake District, in England, and discover the beauty of the fairytale landscapes that inspired the English poets.

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  • Jesus Nazareno Sanctuary in Atotonilco

    Visit Mexico’s Sistine Chapel and relive some of the most striking scenes of the Mexican War of Independence.

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  • Top 3 Attractions in Rio de Janeiro

    Follow this tourist route and discover the top 3 attractions in Rio de Janeiro, which includes visiting one of the 7 Wonders of the Modern World and traveling on the same cable car James Bond rode.

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  • What to do in Saint-Paul-de-Vence?

    This one-day route in Saint-Paul-de-Vence takes you to visit the town in the French Riviera, home to one of the most impressive art collections in the world.

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  • Walking Tour in St. Petersburg with Dostoyevsky

    Take a walking tour in St. Petersburg and visit the places that inspired the works by Dostoyevsky.

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  • Breathe Pure Air

    Visit Tasmania. It’s the destination with the purest air in the world. There you’ll find Tasmania’s Natural Wilderness Area, declared World Heritage.

  • Driving on the Left

    In Australia they drive on the left, so if it’s different in your place of origin, be careful when driving or crossing the street.

  • On Fire

    There is a great fire risk in Australia between spring and summer, so follow the authorities’ indications to avoid any incidents.

  • Stay Connected

    In Australia electric sockets have three flat plugs and angled, so take a plug adaptor in order to charge your cell phone or other electronic devices.

  • Learn to Tango (World Heritage)

    In Argentina, visit milongas and traditional tango bars where locals will teach you how to dance this music genre and dance that was declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

  • Find Art Everywhere

    Visit the National Museum of Fine Arts in Argentina. It has the biggest collection of the country’s Artistic Heritage .

  • Get the Best View

    In order to have a better view of Santiago de Compostela’s cathedral, visit the overlook at Monte do Gozo

  • Choose the Best Travel Season

    Even though people walk the Way of St. James so as to arrive there on July 25th (on the apostle’s festivity), we recommend doing it in spring, when there are fewer tourists and there’s a milder climate.

  • Train Before Traveling

    The Way of St. James is not just any walk, so train accordingly before taking this route. Start by climbing up the stairs instead of taking the lift.

  • Visits in Exchange for Wine-Tastings

    In most vineyards, when you visit the wineries they offer you a wine-tasting experience.

  • Drink Wine With an Exclusive Style

    Although tasting wine is done practically the same everywhere, follow the steps they teach you at each vineyard.

  • Don’t Mix Aromas

    It’s advisable not to wear any perfume on the day you’ll go on a wine-tasting tour. This way, external scents won’t mix with the wine’s aroma.

  • Visit Yoshikien Garden

    During your trip to Nara, visit Yoshikien, a Japanese attraction that houses three unique gardens: a pond garden, a moss garden, and a tea ceremony garden.

  • Travel to Yucatan between December and February

    Between December and February you’ll find less heat and scarce rains in Yucatan. March and April are also good options, although temperatures are higher during those months.

  • Choose Your Favorite Route

    At Copper Canyon you can choose between two routes: From Chihuahua to Los Mochis or from Los Mochis to Chihuahua. Both offer great views at the most recommended visiting hours.

  • Go on a Bike Tour

    If you want to cross Copper Canyon riding a mountain bicycle, begin the journey departing from Divisadero town.

  • Get off the Train!

    On your trip across Copper Canyon, we recommend getting off the train at least in two stations and spending the night in those towns.

  • Follow the Rules

    If you take the subway in Seoul, remember not to take reserved seats even if they’re empty.

  • Avoid Feeling Embarrassed

    In some traditional restaurants in Seoul they’ll ask you to take your shoes of. Take it into account and wear nice socks!

  • Drink Purified Water

    In Seoul it’s not advisable to drink tap water.

  • Almost the Same Language

    There are some differences between Spanish language in Argentina and in Mexico. For example: bondi/autobús=bus, posta/en serio=seriously, chorro/ladrón=thief, morfar/comer=to eat, tordo/médico=doctor, chamuyar/platicar=to chitchat, subte/metro=subway.

  • An Argentinian Kiss

    In Argentina, men usually greet other men by kissing on the cheeks, so don’t be surprised.

  • Never-ending Conversations

    Argentinians are very passionate, so if you want to enjoy a long conversation, bring out topics like soccer or politics.

  • The Popularity of St. James

    The Way of St. James was very popular until the 16th century. Yet, starting the early 17th century fewer pilgrims walked the route.

  • The Game of the Goose

    They say that the Game of the Goose was invented by the medieval constructors guilds on their pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela.

  • Evita in Compostela

    At the Alameda Park in Santiago de Compostela you’ll find a 22m tall araucaria tree donated by Eva Peron in 1947. It’s known as “La Perona”.

  • Speaking Mayan

    Even though Spanish is the main language in Campeche, 12 out of every 100 people there only speak Mayan, a native language in that region.

  • The Former Capital

    Campeche was the capital of Yucatan, a neighboring state, in 1826.

  • Campechanos in Campeche

    A person who is born in Campeche is known as campechano, although curiously, in Mexico this term refers to combining two or more ingredients to prepare certain foods.

  • Omizutori in Todiji Temple

    Omizutori is a series of events held every March 1st to 14th at Todaiji Temple. These Buddhist rituals have been organized for more than 1250 years and they celebrate the second month of the lunar calendar. During the events, giant torches of up to 8 meters are hung from a balcony, lit and held over the crowd. The burning embers that shower are said to guarantee onlookers a safe year.

  • Cenotes Around the World

    Around the globe there are geomorphological structures similar to cenotes, but they’re usually known by different names. For example, in the Great Australian Bay and in the Bahamas they’re known as blue holes.

  • A Passengers Train in Mexico

    The trip across Copper Canyon is made aboard the only passengers train in Mexico.

  • A Tour That's Worth Tons of Copper

    The name of Copper Canyon comes from a mountain pass that’s famous for it’s copper mines.

  • Deeper than the Grand Canyon

    Copper Canyon is bigger and deeper than the Grand Canyon in the United States.

  • Sharing Good Times with Friends

    Food portions are quite abundant in Seoul because it’s common for friends to share dishes.

  • Crowded in South Korea

    In Seoul you can find most of the population in South Korea, 50% of it to be exact.