• Photography Tips for Archaeological Sites

    Follow these photography tips for archaeological architecture at one of the most famous destinations in the world: the Mayan region in Southeast Mexico.

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  • Visit Ronda in One Day

    Travel to Ronda, in the province of Malaga, and visit one of the treasures of the Route of White Villages of Andalusia.

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  • Modern Architecture in Rotterdam

    Rotterdam, the City of Modern Architecture is a popular destination among travelers who like innovating urban proposals.

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  • Characteristics of New Spanish Architecture

    Learn to decipher the secrets of New Spanish architecture and discover its unique features.

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  • Best Things to Do in Zurich

    Zurich has a privileged landscape surrounded by mountains, a luxurious lifestyle and it produces some of the most famous chocolates in the world.

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  • Brussels’ Main Square

    The Grand Place is the heart of Brussels, home of impressive Gothic buildings and the ideal spot to have a Belgian beer or a waffle.

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  • Dubrovnik Pearl of The Adriatic Sea

    Travel to Dubrovnik, the Pearl of the Adriatic, where you’ll find a symbiosis between the city’s architecture and the sea

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  • Buda Castle Tour

    Read our quick and practical guide to Buda Castle, a must-see icon where you’ll learn about the history of Hungary.

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  • The Best of the Guggenheim

    Enjoy modern art exhibits and fascinating architecture at the Guggenheim Museum, one of the key components of the NY Museum Mile.

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  • Padre Tembleque Aqueduct

    Travel to discover the Padre Tembleque Aqueduct in Mexico, and learn how humankind has conquered an element that grants us life: water.

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  • CityCenter in Las Vegas Strip

    In CityCenter, Las Vegas, the buildings, boutiques and works of art strategically placed along the pathways and terraces conform a gigantic exhibit.

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  • The City of Arts and Sciences

    The coexistence between innovation, culture and life is possible at the City of Arts and Sciences, in Valencia, a world that preserves everything that enriches us as humans.

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  • A Historic Visit in Casa de Velazquez

    Discover the history of Casa de Velazquez, one of the most prestigious cultural and research centers in Madrid.

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  • Modern Architecture in Berlin

    Lines represent lightness and they are also symbols of modern architecture. Find great modern sites in Berlin.

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  • Santa Fe Business District

    Santa Fe is one of the main engines of the Mexican economy, a canvass of modern architecture and a gigantic mall.

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  • Polyforum Siqueiros Galleries

    Did you know that Mexico City possesses a diamond whose interior you can visit? Come and prove it at the Polyforum Siqueiros.

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  • Medieval Village of Peratallada

    Peratallada is like a bubble of medieval history suspended in time. Visit this jewel of the Costa Brava and live the best of Catalonia.

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  • A tour of the Cathedral of Seville

    The Cathedral of Seville is one of the most beautiful monuments in southern Spain and the largest Christian gothic cathedral in the world!

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  • Free Tour in Helsinki

    Celebrate Finland’s 100th Independence Anniversary by visiting its most iconic architectural wonders.

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  • Learn Something New

    Oaxaca is also known as the gastronomical capital of Mexico, so take a 1-day cooking class with the locals and learn how to prepare delicious recipes.

  • Make a Toast with Mezcal

    At shops where they sell mezcal they’ll offer you tastings of its different flavors, but take into account that this beverage has an alcohol content of 60º.

  • Opt for Self-Service

    Don’t waste time at the ticket offices in Brussels’ train stations. Use the self-service ticket machines whose menus are available in several languages.

  • Follow This Photo Tip

    You’ll probably want to take a panoramic picture of the Grand Place. Instead, take several pictures rotating on your own axis and then put them together with a photography app or program.

  • Save on Tips

    Tipping is not necessary in Belgium, but if you liked the service you got at a restaurant, simply round up your bill.

  • Guarantee Your Good Fortune

    Rub the arm of the bronze statue Everad’t Serclaes located left of the Hotel de Ville in Brussels and it’s guaranteed that you’ll have good fortune.

  • Travel During the Best Season

    Check the events that are programmed at the Grand Place. Every year, in August, the square is adorned with a flower carpet.

  • The Best Time to Travel to Budapest

    We recommend visiting Budapest during summer, because in winter temperatures descend below zero degrees and some attractions close, so your vacation plans might be affected.

  • Become a Guggenheim Member

    As a Guggenheim Member you’ll be able to see every exhibition at every Guggenheim museum in the world (NY, Bilbao or Venice) for free. Also, you’ll enjoy discounts at restaurants and half-priced guest tickets.

  • Photographs of Padre Tembleque Aqueduct

    When you visit a huge work of engineering such as the Padre Tembleque Aqueduct, remember to pack a wide-angle lens for your camera so that you can capture the most part of its 66 arches.

  • Get a Ride

    In order to go from one casino to another on a very sunny or cold day, take the Monorail. It connects several hotels from the MGM to the SLS.

  • Go on a Helicopter Tour

    Make the best of your trip to Las Vegas by taking a helicopter tour to the Grand Canyon.

  • Shop Smart

    There are souvenir shops inside all the casinos; however we also recommend visiting the city’s outlets.

  • Take Your Time

    Reserve at least 3 hours to visit the Oceanogràfic and 2 hours for the Príncipe Felipe Museum.

  • Enjoy Art for Free

    Visit the contemporary sculpture exhibit in the Paseo del Arte at the Umbracle. Entrance is free.

  • Follow Casa de Velazquez on Facebook

    Follow Casa de Velazquez on Facebook and find out everything about its cultural offer. It will help you organize your art-related travel plans for your next trip to Madrid.

  • Skip Lines at Del Prado Museum

    Buy the Madrid Card and enjoy free access to many cultural establishments in the city. Among them, visit Del Prado Museum and Reina Sofia Museum.

  • Berlin on Wheels

    You can visit Berlin on a bicycle because the city has the right infrastructure for this.

  • Validate Your Subway Ticket

    If you use the subway in Berlin you’ll notice that they rarely ask for your ticket; however, it’s necessary that you validate it before getting on the train.

  • Cultural Berlin

    Berlin has 170 museums, but if you’re not a big fan of these sites, at least include the Pergamon Museum in your route.

  • How To Get To the Royal Alcazar in Seville

    The closest subway station to the Royal Alcazar is L1, Puerta de Jerez station. Entrance is on foot, and you’ll find it next to the Cathedral and the General Archive of the Indies.

  • Linguistic Diversity

    Oaxaca is the Mexican state with the most varied ethnic and linguistic diversity.

  • Presidential Origins

    Two of the most famous Mexican presidents, Benito Juarez and Porfirio Diaz, were born in Oaxaca.

  • Craftworks from Oaxaca

    Black clay is not the only thing that’s popular from Oaxaca. Alebrijes (wooden fantastical figures) and indigenous textiles are also well known.

  • Buying Tons of Chocolate

    Brussels International Airport, or Brussel-Zaventem, is the place where they sell the most chocolates in the world.

  • 800 Varieties of Beer

    More than 800 varieties of beer are produced in Belgium.

  • The Biggest Urban Area in Belgium

    Brussels is the biggest urban area in Belgium and it’s considered the de facto capital of the European Union.

  • Tall and Short

    The highest point in Belgium is lower than the world’s tallest building.

  • An Express Trip

    Did you know you can drive across Belgium in only three hours?

  • Travel Pet Friendly

    In Belgium, dogs are allowed almost everywhere, and they can even sit on a venue’s chairs as long as their owner pays their entry fee.

  • Three Kisses

    Don’t be surprised if you see that Belgian people greet each other with three kisses. It’s a tradition among friends.

  • Historic Reconstruction

    Most of the buildings surrounding the Grand Place are reconstructions made after the fire in Brussels caused by the troops of Louis XIV in 1695.

  • Victor Hugo in Brussels

    At the Grand Place you’ll find LePigeon, the building where the French novelist Victor Hugo lived during his exile in Belgium in 1852.

  • Vampires in Budapest

    They say that long ago, Budapest was inhabited by vampires, so nowadays several tours give you the chance to visit enigmatic sites where these creatures were said to be found. Buda Castle is one of them.

  • Hosting an Event at The Guggenheim

    The modern architecture of the Guggenheim is the ideal venue for corporate or social events. Some of the areas where people can host an event are the Ronald O. Perelman Rotunda (at the lobby), the Peter B. Lewis Theater, the News Corporation Media Theater, The Wright restaurant of Café 3.

  • Padre Tembleque Aqueduct, a Multicultural Project

    The hydraulic system created by Padre Tembleque shows the combination of European constructive traditions related with the Roman aqueducts, hydraulic techniques created by the Arabs and collective work techniques that were customary in Mesoamerica. It’s definitely a multicultural project.

  • Sustainable casinos

    Casinos and hotels use greywater in their fountains and artificial lakes. This is wastewater generated in households or office buildings and it’s a smart alternative that avoids wasting drinking water in architectural design.

  • Helpless Gambling

    Even though only 15% of travelers plan a gambling trip, more than 70% of them end up gambling once they are in Las Vegas.

  • Are You Sure It's Legal?

    It might appear to be different, but actually, prostitution is not legal in Las Vegas.

  • A Huge Architectonic Complex

    The architectonic complex located next to Turia River covers almost two kilometers.

  • The Biggest Aquarium in Europe

    The Oceanogràfic is home to more than 500 marine species. It’s the biggest aquarium in Europe.

  • Introducing the Hemisfèric

    The first area of the City of Arts and Sciences that opened to the public was the Hemisfèric on April 16th 1998.

  • A Sculpture of Velazquez in Madrid

    In Casa de Velazquez you can find the equestrian sculpture of Diego Velazquez, a work by the French sculptor Emmanuel Frémiet.

  • Ghost Stations

    The Berlin subway was founded in 1902 with 9 lines. When the city was divided, the subway was also separated, so ghost stations were created. The train never stopped in them if they were located at the wrong side of the city.

  • The German Megalopolis

    Berlin is the city with the greatest extension in Europe.

  • To The Giralda on Horseback

    There is no stairway to climb up the Giralda. Instead, there are 35 ramps that were built in such a way that they could be climbed up on horseback.

  • The Sculpture of Faith

    The Giralda, a huge statue created by sculptor Juan Bautista Vazquez El Viejo that represents Faith, was named like that because it turned with the wind.