Travel BEER
  • German Beer Lovers

    Germany: Find varieties of beer by the thousands in this brewer’s paradise.

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  • Australian Beer

    Who could say no to a chilled beer under the scorching Australian sun? Say cheers! with DINKtravelers.

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  • Refreshing Beer with Latin Rhythms

    Enjoy the varied choices of Latin American beer and drink to joy!

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  • Czech Beer

    Travel to the Czech Republic to bathe in beer and drink a Pilsner in its country of origin.

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  • British Stout Beer

    Pouring the perfect pint of stout beer, a pubs classic, takes 119.5 seconds. Learn more about this beverage and the ritual behind it’s consumption right here!

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  • How to choose a beer in Belgium?

    Beer is a cult beverage in Belgium and some people consider that this country has the best and most sophisticated beers in the world.

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  • World’s Biggest Beer Festival

    Enjoy, drink, discover and celebrate during the world’s biggest beer festival: Oktoberfest.

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  • Serve the Perfect Angle

    When pouring a beer remember you have to do it at an angle of 45 degrees. This way you won’t produce too much foam and you’ll achieve the perfect texture.

  • Learn Words in Other Languages

    Piva is one of the first words you must learn when traveling to the Czech Republic. It means beer.

  • Plan a Route

    If you want to make the Beer Route across the Czech Republic, you must start in the capital, Prague.

  • Plan a Route

    If you go south of Bohemia, the second stop in the Czech Beer Route after Prague, you can take a guided tour. They’re available in English and German.

  • The Authentic Stout

    Even if you have already tried a stout, you’ll only enjoy its real taste if you order it in a pub.

  • Make a Toast with a Stout

    Travel to Dublin on the fourth Thursday in September. On that day they make a toast at 17:59 in honor of the creator of Guinness beer.

  • If you’re not a big drinker, order a Radler

    During Oktoberfest, beer is served in quantities of 1 liter. If you want to drink less, order a Radler, half beer combined with lemonade. It’s quite refreshing.

  • Characteristics of a Stout

    Dark beer doesn’t have a greater alcohol content than light beer. Its only difference is that barley was more toasted during its elaboration process.

  • Beer Phobias

    Did you know there’s a phobia to having an empty glass of beer in your hand? It’s called Cenosillicaphobia.

  • Czech Beer Producers

    In the city of Cesky Krumlov, declared World Heritage, they have produced beer at the Eggenberg Factory since the seventeenth century.

  • Great Beer Drinkers

    In average, Czechs drink over 160 liters of beer per year.

  • Sweet Beer!

    They say that British stouts are sweeter than Irish stouts and, actually, sometimes it’s true.

  • 800 Varieties of Beer

    More than 800 varieties of beer are produced in Belgium.

  • The Nazis at Hofbrauhaus

    In 1920 this brewery in Munich was the place where the German Workers Party which later became the German National Socialist Workers Party used to meet. At Hofbrauhaus they established the 25 thesis of the Nazi party.

  • Foreigners in Oktoberfest

    Each year there are over six million visitors in Oktoberfest of which 25% are foreigners.