• The Best Souvenirs from Holland

    DINKtravelers brings you Dutch memories you can take home; unique souvenirs that you should buy in your next trip to the Netherlands.

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  • Obsidian Artwork

    An obsidian figurine is magical, beautiful, healing and plush. Mesoamerican cultures knew it centuries ago!

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  • Pasteis de Belém

    Pastéis de Belém are a guilty pleasure for your sweet tooth that will invite you to travel.

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  • Souvenirs from Rome

    Are you traveling to Rome and don’t know what souvenirs to bring back? DINKtravelers offers you some tips.

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  • Traveling and Writing

    Create the perfect travel journal by following these tips and keep your best memories forever.

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  • First Time Caribbean Travelers

    The Dominican Republic possesses some of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean, but it also has a rich history and delish food.

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  • Marquetry Art

    Marquetry is an ancient technique that is still in vogue thanks to its timeless elegance. Find it in your next trip to Puebla.

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  • Typical Italian Products

    Do you want to find flavorful souvenir ideas from Italy? Read on!

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  • Hindu Fashion

    Find out everything about the origin and the materials of the traditional clothing in India, that are presently exported all around the world

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  • Value Artistic Tradition

    If you find a hand-made work of art you like, don’t hesitate to buy it. You’ll find other similar ones, but each one of these works is unique.

  • Observe Uniqueness

    When choosing what to write in your travel journal, add fun facts that called your attention about the culture, traditions and customs of the inhabitants of the destination you visited. This will help you understand better the diverse ways there are of understanding life and the world.

  • Save on Tips

    Restaurants at the Dominican Republic add a 10% service charge, so you don’t need to leave an extra tip.

  • Travel Green

    Sun exposure at the beach is part of the fun. Apply biodegradable sunscreen with 50SPF.

  • Get a Ride

    Many cruise ships that travel to the Dominican Republic disembark at Santa Barbara de Samana. There, the most practical means of transportation is a rickshaw.

  • Use 60SPF

    Use biodegradable sunblock creams with 60 SPF because, according to studies, sunblock creams with a greater SPF don’t work.

  • Travel Tales

    Travel journals are an excellent source of information to discover the world and the different viewpoints travelers have. Other written alternatives include travel guides, online publications, local magazines and travel literature.

  • The Most Ancient City of the New World

    Santo Domingo, capital of the Dominican Republic, is the most ancient city of what the Europeans called the New World.

  • Columbus in the Caribbean

    When Christopher Columbus arrived at Dominican Republic, he described it as “A beautiful idyllic island with tall wooded mountains, great valleys and rivers”. It still preserves that splendor.

  • The Island Next Door

    The Dominican Republic possesses over 1,000 km of natural beaches even though its territory occupies only half of La Española Island. The other half is taken up by Haiti.