• Discovering Rapa Nui

    From Polynesian dances and megalithic heads to diving across subaquatic lava landscapes… the only thing missing in Easter Island is you.

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  • Ayers Rock

    Uluru, the second biggest rock in this world, is an Australian natural wonder whose surface color changes from day to night.

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  • Sailing on a Trajinera

    In Xochimilco you’ll find colorful boats, sailing mariachis and cute amphibians while enjoying thrilling performances of a spooky legend.

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  • The Maiden Tower in Baku

    The walled city of Baku is World Heritage and one of its icons is Qiz Qalasi, better known as The Maiden Tower

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  • Tourism in Palenque

    Immerse in the jungle, on a foothill, lies Palenque, a site declared World Cultural Heritage that coexists in perfect communion with nature.

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  • Dubrovnik Pearl of The Adriatic Sea

    Travel to Dubrovnik, the Pearl of the Adriatic, where you’ll find a symbiosis between the city’s architecture and the sea

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  • Suomenlinna Fortress

    The fortress of Suomenlinna has survived uncountable wars and it enriches the quaint landscape of Helsinki.

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  • Vacations in the Canadian Rockies

    For every sip you have of the water that flows from the melting glaciers in the Canadian Rocky, you’ll live 10 years longer! This and more about this destination, right here.

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  • Flamenco Music and Dance

    Flamenco emerged from the Andalusian people to transmit its spirit to the world.

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  • The Treasures of St. Peter’s Basilica

    St. Peter’s Basilica, declared World Heritage Site, is the world’s largest church and it houses a great treasure of Renaissance and Baroque art.

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  • Andalusian Sevillanas

    Sevillanas are a popular regional dance and part of the music heritage of Andalusia, Spain. Dance them and wear the typical dress of Seville’s April Fair.

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  • The Taj Mahal Palace

    The construction of the Taj Mahal is the echo of one of the greatest love stories.

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  • The Tower of St. Vincent

    Learn everything about Portugal’s naval tradition by visiting this stone fortress: Belem Tower.

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  • Routes Around the City of Avila

    Follow two routes through Avila that were inspired by the lives of women who marked this destination’s history.

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  • Archaeological Zone of Xochicalco

    Astronomy, architecture, art, spas, sports… there’s something interesting for a wide variety of tastes in the archaeological site of Xochicalco.

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  • The Best of Australia

    Australia is rich in nature. Visit the Blue Mountains National Park and Whitehaven Beach to pamper yourself with its exotic natural treasures.

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  • Trekking Guide for the Great Wall in China

    Discover the Great Wall in China by visiting 3 of its most attractive and surprising sections.

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  • The Medieval Tower of Bologna

    The best place to enjoy the medieval horizon of Bologna is the Asinelli tower with its 328 feet of height.

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  • Tours to See Monarch Butterflies

    Monarch butterflies are part of the Mexican natural royal landscape.

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  • Ecotourism in The Dolomites

    In Gemona del Friuli, calm and hospitality are enriched by a dose of ecotouristic adrenaline.

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  • Mount Fuji World Heritage Site

    Mt. Fuji is a pleasure for your eyes and fun to climb! That’s why it’s a perfect attraction and the inspiration of many painters and poets.

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  • Langkawi Beaches

    Langkawi, Cursed Island, offers you the chance to live a great adventure: swimming with sharks, crossing the Skybridge and eating durian.

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  • Juliet’s House in Verona

    At Juliet’s House in Verona, write a declaration of love on a wall or place a lovelock to guarantee your love story will last forever!

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  • Visiting the Castle of Guimarães

    The grandness of Guimarães Castle resides in its simplicity. Come and fall in love with the beauty of this Portuguese architectural work.

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  • The Ancient City of Petra

    Petra “The City of Stone” is also known as the Eighth Wonder of the World. Discover why.

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  • The Best Places to Visit in Campeche

    Campeche still keeps its colonial architecture with picturesque façades, authentic bastions and an impenetrable wall.

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  • Driving on the Left

    In Australia they drive on the left, so if it’s different in your place of origin, be careful when driving or crossing the street.

  • On Fire

    There is a great fire risk in Australia between spring and summer, so follow the authorities’ indications to avoid any incidents.

  • Stay Connected

    In Australia electric sockets have three flat plugs and angled, so take a plug adaptor in order to charge your cell phone or other electronic devices.

  • Visit Hundreds of Volcanoes

    Visit the state Reserve of Gobustan where you’ll find 300 of the 700 mud volcanoes there are around the worlds, and it’s declared World Heritage.

  • Listen to Mugam

    Listen to traditional Mugam music. It was declared Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

  • Save in Taxis

    Haggling when taking a taxi in Azerbaijan is quite common and adviseable, but do it before getting in the car so that you don’t have any surprises when paying.

  • Azerbaijan in Summer

    The best time to travel to Azerbaijan is in summer, because the average temperature is 21 to 30ºC.

  • Culinary Etiquette

    Be careful at lunchtime in Azerbaijan because spilling salt means you want to start an argument.

  • Try to Prevent

    If you visit Palenque during rain season, wear insect repellent to avoid mosquito bites.

  • Dining in Palenque

    When you dine at the restaurants located on the way to Palenque, try the local specialty: Chaya soup, a fine example of the Mayan culinary inheritance.

  • Listen to Live Flamenco

    In Seville there are many places where you can listen to and watch flamenco shows. One of the most popular is the Peña Flamenca. There are more than eighty in the city.

  • Prepare for Tiring Walks

    At Lisbon’s historic downtown you’ll find several hills, so wear comfortable shoes during your visit.

  • Visit a Cool Amphitheater

    We recommend visiting the amphitheater of the former Faculty of Medicine at the Archiginnasio of Bologna.

  • Take the Train from Bologna

    Departing from Bologna you can visit the cities of Florence, Venice, Rome, Milan, Turin and Pisa. Take the train.

  • Choose the Best Hotel Location

    Most touristic attractions in Bologna are located near the University and Main Square, so reserve a hotel in the nearby area.

  • Pedestrian-Only Streets

    In downtown Bologna they close three of the main streets during the weekends in order to make them pedestrian-only.

  • Travel Green

    Don’t make noise on the way to the monarch butterfly sanctuary because it bothers the butterflies.

  • Take a Walk

    You can get to the monarch butterfly sanctuary on horseback, but because the terrain is quite uneven, we recommend doing it on foot.

  • Follow This Photo Tip

    When you visit the monarch butterfly sanctuary take a camera with a powerful zoom because it’s not easy to get too close to the butterflies.

  • Choose the Best Day

    Entrance to the Palace of the Dukes of Braganza is free on Sundays before noon, so if you want to avoid crowds, visit it on weekdays.

  • Make a 1-day Trip

    Stay in Oporto and, from there, make a 1-day trip to Guimaraes. Trains depart constantly from this city and the trip is about 1.15h long

  • Log-on From Portugal

    There’s free Wi-Fi service in most public places in Guimaraes. You just need to register to use it.

  • Follow Local Tradition

    After dark, follow the local tradition of walking along Campeche’s pier while enjoying an ice cream and feeling the sea breeze on your skin.

  • Try Something Delish

    Make the most of your visit to Campeche by trying the region’s typical dishes including dogfish bread, chicken with peanut sauce and black beans with pork meat.

  • World Heritage

    The UNESCO declared Palenque World Heritage in 1987.

  • Rediscovering Palenque

    The archaeological site of Palenque was forgotten after the conquest of Mexico in the 16th century. It was rediscovered in the 17th century but the most important discoveries were made until the 19th century.

  • The Place of Great Waters

    The Mayan name of the archaeological site of Palenque is Lakamha, which means “the place of great waters”. It was named Palenque after the small town that the Spanish conquerors founded a few kilometers away from there.

  • Talent to be Remembered

    Paco de Lucia, one of the most emblematic representatives of Andalusian musical tradition passed away in Mexico in 2014.

  • A Historic Fair

    The fair in Malaga has been celebrated since the province was incorporated to the Crown of Castille with the Catholic Kings on August 19th 1487.

  • The Origins of Flamenco

    It’s not very clear when flamenco music was created, but the style that is most popular nawadates dates back to the 18th century.

  • City of the Seven Hills

    Lisbon is known as the city of the seven hills. From their overlooks you can enjoy the most amazing views of this urban destination.

  • The Longest Bridge in Europe

    The longest bridge in Europe is 17 km long and it’s located in Lisbon. It was built in 1998 and is known as Vasco de Gama bridge.

  • Uncountable Art Galleries

    Bologna has the greatest number of art galleries in the world. They take up 38 km of its historic downtown.

  • Typical Food in Bologna

    There are several osterias in Bologna. These are typical Italian taverns where they sell very tasty food.

  • Flying Over the World

    The monarch butterfly flies almost 100 meters above ground when most butterfly families fly very close to the ground.

  • Traveling Long Distances

    Monarch butterflies stay in Mexico for around 25 days, and they travel 125 kilometers per day.

  • Monarchs Around the World

    You can also find sanctuaries dedicated to the monarch butterfly in Oceania and Western Europe.

  • The Cradle of Portugal

    The UNESCO declared the Historic Center of Guimaraes World Cultural Heritage in 2001.

  • The Cradle of Portugal

    The UNESCO declared the Historic Center of Guimaraes World Cultural Heritage in 2001.

  • Una vista espectacular

    La torre del Castillo de Guimaraes mide aproximadamente 28m y desde ahí se puede apreciar perfecto la ciudad.

  • Speaking Mayan

    Even though Spanish is the main language in Campeche, 12 out of every 100 people there only speak Mayan, a native language in that region.

  • The Former Capital

    Campeche was the capital of Yucatan, a neighboring state, in 1826.

  • Campechanos in Campeche

    A person who is born in Campeche is known as campechano, although curiously, in Mexico this term refers to combining two or more ingredients to prepare certain foods.