• Arenal Volcano National Park

    The volcanic activity of the Arenal is one of Costa Rica’s main attractions. It receives thousands of visitors every year.

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  • Way of St. James

    Follow these advices from a sybarite and experienced pilgrim and make the most of your walk along the Way of St. James

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  • Tourism in Cabo Polonio

    If you wish to find your inner self and enjoy moments of solitude and reflection, Cabo Polonio is the right place for you.

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  • Responsible Travel

    Protect the destination you visit as you do your hometown because the Earth is home to all of us. Travel sustainably.

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  • Vacations in the Canadian Rockies

    For every sip you have of the water that flows from the melting glaciers in the Canadian Rocky, you’ll live 10 years longer! This and more about this destination, right here.

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  • Eco Tour in Vancouver

    Stanley Park, in Vancouver, is a great 400 acres natural destination for people who enjoy sports, fine dining and outdoors activities.

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  • Visit the Archeological Site El Lagartero

    The Lagartero in Chiapas, Mexico, houses an archaeological site you can’t miss the chance to visit. Discover it with DINKtravelers.

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  • Trips to See the Aurora Borealis

    From a red dragon in the sky to an Eskimo paradise, pack your winter clothes and travel to Norway to see the northern lights.

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  • Ecotourism in Costa Rica

    Enjoy an ecotouristic experience in the Caribbean when you visit the Tortuguero National Park in Costa Rica.

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  • The Best of Australia

    Australia is rich in nature. Visit the Blue Mountains National Park and Whitehaven Beach to pamper yourself with its exotic natural treasures.

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  • Petrified Waterfalls of Hierve el Agua

    They say that the springs in Hierve el Agua were a sacred site for the Zapotec culture. Visit them!

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  • The Costanera of Montevideo

    Every city has its symbols and Montevideo is not an exception. Discover its coastline and its attractions at sea.

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  • Supertrees in Gardens by the Bay

    The message of ecological awareness given by Gardens by the Bay and its Supertrees in Singapore portrays the union between nature, science and technology.

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  • Tourism in Guatape

    Guatape, Colombia is a destination that combines culture, nature and adventure, all wrapped in a world that seems to be suspended in time.

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  • Akagera National Park

    Travel to Rwanda, live an unforgettable safari experience at Akagera National Park and strengthen your bonds with wildlife.

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  • Cosmovitral Botanical Garden

    Soothe your senses by visiting the Cosmovitral Botanical Garden in Toluca and fill your vacation with color, nature and art.

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  • Get the Best View

    In order to have a better view of Santiago de Compostela’s cathedral, visit the overlook at Monte do Gozo

  • Choose the Best Travel Season

    Even though people walk the Way of St. James so as to arrive there on July 25th (on the apostle’s festivity), we recommend doing it in spring, when there are fewer tourists and there’s a milder climate.

  • Train Before Traveling

    The Way of St. James is not just any walk, so train accordingly before taking this route. Start by climbing up the stairs instead of taking the lift.

  • Visit a National Park on Horseback

    Visit Cape Polonio National Park by taking a horseback excursion.

  • Photograph Mural Paintings

    You’ll find mural paintings in different places near Cape Polonio, so prepare your camera and take a walking tour.

  • Choose the Best Travel Season

    Find the best landscapes and less tourists in winter. In Uruguay, winter means July and August.

  • Prepare Your Camera

    Pack your camera when you travel to Cape Polonio because the photos you can take of the beach and dunes are awesome.

  • Be a Solidary Traveler

    Be conscious of the fishing activity in Cape Polonio and of the frequent visits of sea lions in the area.

  • Take an Aquatic Tour

    Boat tours around Cape Polonio depart from the Lighthouse and they take you to visit every corner of this destination.

  • Surf and Enjoy

    If you want to surf, Cape Polonio is the right place for you. They have equipment rental both in high and low season.

  • Unpolluted Cape Polonio

    In the town of Cape Polonio entry of private vehicles is not allowed in order to preserve the environment’s purity.

  • Historic Origins of Cape Polonio

    Joseph Polloni’s shipwreck inspired the name of Polonio.

  • Travel Green

    Sun exposure at the beach is part of the fun. Apply biodegradable sunscreen with 50SPF.

  • Dining in Palenque

    When you dine at the restaurants located on the way to Palenque, try the local specialty: Chaya soup, a fine example of the Mayan culinary inheritance.

  • Norway in the Equinox

    In Norway, you can see the northern lights practically every day, so travel to this destination any time of the year but keep in mind that it’s nicer during or close to the equinox.

  • Keep Warm in Norway

    Wear warm clothes when you go to see the northern lights. It’s better to take some layers off than being cold.

  • Photograph the Northern Lights

    Take a souvenir of the northern lights. If you can, get a camera that allows you to adapt the exposure time so that you let a lot of light in. Also, get a tripod, even a small one.

  • Learn Something New

    Oaxaca is also known as the gastronomical capital of Mexico, so take a 1-day cooking class with the locals and learn how to prepare delicious recipes.

  • Photograph Landscapes

    Take your camera to Hierve el Agua because the landscapes you’ll find there are breathtaking.

  • Enjoy a Good Swim

    Water in Hierve el Agua is warm enough to enjoy a good swim.

  • Get a Ride

    It’s not easy to get to Hierve el Agua on your own, so reserve a tour in advance.

  • Travel Green

    Wear comfortable shoes and practice Eco touristic activities in Hierve el Agua, including hiking and bike tours.

  • Make a Toast with Mezcal

    At shops where they sell mezcal they’ll offer you tastings of its different flavors, but take into account that this beverage has an alcohol content of 60º.

  • Tipping in Uruguay

    There’s no law that forces clients to tip in Uruguay; however, it’s customary to leave a 10% tip in restaurants, bars, and taxis, as well as tipping bell boys and ushers.

  • The Popularity of St. James

    The Way of St. James was very popular until the 16th century. Yet, starting the early 17th century fewer pilgrims walked the route.

  • The Game of the Goose

    They say that the Game of the Goose was invented by the medieval constructors guilds on their pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela.

  • Evita in Compostela

    At the Alameda Park in Santiago de Compostela you’ll find a 22m tall araucaria tree donated by Eva Peron in 1947. It’s known as “La Perona”.

  • Moving Sand Dunes

    Sand dunes are a great attraction in Cape Polonio. Because of the wind, they move approximately 16 feet per year from southeast to northeast.

  • National Protected Area

    On July 20th 2009 Cape Polonio was declared National Park and it became a protected area.

  • Fishing and Craftwork

    Most people in Cape Polonio are dedicated to fishing and craftwork. Others work at the lighthouse.

  • Formation of the Northern Lights

    The Northern Lights are formed by particles that come from the Sun and interact with the gases found in the atmosphere creating a ring around the magnetic poles and producing green and sometimes red lights.

  • A Journey to Space

    In other planets like Jupiter and Saturn you can also find northern lights.

  • Linguistic Diversity

    Oaxaca is the Mexican state with the most varied ethnic and linguistic diversity.

  • Presidential Origins

    Two of the most famous Mexican presidents, Benito Juarez and Porfirio Diaz, were born in Oaxaca.

  • Craftworks from Oaxaca

    Black clay is not the only thing that’s popular from Oaxaca. Alebrijes (wooden fantastical figures) and indigenous textiles are also well known.

  • Cool Petrified Cascades

    The petrified cascades of Hierve el Agua formed thousands of years ago due to the calcium carbonate saturated water that scurried over the cliffs.

  • From Turkey to Mexico

    In Turkey there’s a similar attraction to the waterfalls of Hierve el Agua. It’s known as Pamukkale.

  • Sacred Waterfalls

    They say that the waterfalls of Hierve el Agua were sacred to the Zapotec culture.

  • Summer in Montevideo

    Uruguay’s capital city, Montevideo, is the country’s favorite summer destination. Nearly 60% of the population plans a vacation in this city where they can enjoy both an urban and a beach vacation.

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