• Best of Sapporo

    Sapporo is an enjoyable and relaxing city where you’ll find ski slopes, tasty food and hot springs!

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  • Skiing for Beginners

    Tips to enjoy a day in the snow and live a memorable skiing experience.

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  • Christmas Sports

    Travel to celebrate Christmas among street Russian boxers or ice-skating on the Belgian rivers and lakes.

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  • Mountaineering Tourism

    Follow these expert tips and go mountaineering around the world. It’s your chance to get in touch with the natural world.

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  • Take the Train in Japan

    You can practically get anywhere in Japan by taking the train. Check the routes and ticket costs, or buy a Pass to get a fixed rate.

  • Get a Roaming Package

    Ask your cell phone company about roaming packages in Japan. Also, once at Narita airport you can rent a mobile phone.

  • Avoid Accidents

    Never try ski trails above your level unless you have already practiced enough.

  • Wear Sunblock

    Protect your skin from sun damage because in Winter destinations it can cause more sunburn than at the beach. Also, wear sunglasses.

  • Mountaineering With Experts

    Equipment failure, fatigue and inadequate technique are part of the hazards mountain climbers face. Always practice this activity accompanied by an expert climber and guide.

  • Ski Champions

    The country that has the greatest number of ski stations is Japan, with 547.

  • Skiing Around the World

    Almost 70 countries around the world house at least one ski station.

  • Ski All You Want

    More than half of ski stations in the world are located in Europe.

  • What’s a bivvy?

    Bivvy bags or bivouac bags are sleeping bags made from breathable waterproof membranes. They prevent outside moisture from entering the bag