• Coffee Tourism

    Love for coffee has left its mark on different destinations around the world. Visit them with DINKtravelers.

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  • Veracruz Coffee Lovers

    Coatepec is not only a Pueblo Magico but also a very important town for coffee-growers in Mexico.

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  • A Walk Along Chiapanecan Coffee

    Combine the delight of a cup of coffee with a harmonious tour around San Cristobal’s main cultural attractions.

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  • Taste Good Coffee

    The experience of coffee tasting can be enthralling and intense. Enjoy it while you travel to all the coffee regions in the world.

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  • Enjoy a Cup of Java

    Visit the great coffee grower haciendas that make Coatepec such an ideal destination for coffee lovers.

  • Coffee Tasting

    If you order a coffee after lunch and it gets cold, then you’ll know if it’s a good variety, because quality coffee tastes great even cold

  • Order Coffee and Chocolate

    Order a coffee with dark chocolate. It enhances the taste of coffee.

  • Pack According to the Weather

    Given Coatepec’s geographic location on a mountainous area, carry a raincoat because you never know when it’s going to rain.

  • Get the Best View

    Climb up to Coatepec’s scenic overlook and you’ll discover a new landscape every day, sometimes foggy, sometimes clear.

  • Plan a Route

    If you don’t have too much time and you want to visit El Chiflón and Montebello Lakes, take a tour to San Cristobal that includes both sites.

  • Value Artistic Tradition

    Visit the arts market where you’ll find varied and great quality products at a fair price.

  • Follow This Photo Tip

    When you visit churches and temples, make sure there are no signs that indicate photography is not allowed.

  • Ceramic Craftworks

    In Amatenango del Valle, 38 km away from San Cristobal, you can find ceramic craftworks elaborated with prehispanic techniques.

  • Coffee Making Tradition

    Coffee growth and commerce since the 19th century made Coatepec a rich region that still preserves its coffee making tradition.

  • Coffee Trees

    Coffee Trees take up to four years to reach their mature production.

  • Coffee Lovers

    Coffee arrived in Europe in the early seventeenth century. It’s said that King Louis XIV and Pope Clement III were the first to become fond of it.

  • Coffee Producer

    In 1800 Brazil was the main coffee producer in the world.

  • Colombian Nature

    In Colombia, a tree grows three times as fast as in Chile and nine times as fast as in Canada.

  • Mountain Weather

    Coatepec is constantly covered in fog because it’s located in a mountainous area.

  • The Athens of Veracruz

    The city of Jalapa, near Coatepec, has been called the Athens of Veracruz because of the rich cultural activity it hosts.

  • Chiapas' Cultural Capital

    San Cristobal was Chiapas’ capital until 1894, and although it isn’t anymore, it’s considered its cultural capital.

  • The Many Names of San Cristobal

    San Cristobal has had several names throughout its history. The current one makes reference to the namesake saint that’s considered the patron of travelers.