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  • Traveling and Writing

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  • Gestures Around the World

    When visiting a new destination, are you sure your hand gestures mean what you want to express?

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    6 tips by expert travelers to help you survive holiday airport chaos and enjoy your vacation.

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  • What happens to your body when you fly?

    Aerophobia –fear of flying– is more common than you imagine, but we’ll tell you how to overcome it.

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  • Travel Selfies

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  • Travel Safety Measures

    Enjoy the serenity of your vacation without forsaking your safety. Follow these tips DINKtravelers has prepared for you.

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  • Visit Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp in Germany

    The former Sachsenhausen-Oranienburg concentration camp in Germany invites us to consider new horizons based on understanding. It is a place where life is honored.

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  • Multiply your money in the Zeniarai Sanctuary

    Visit the temple of Benzaiten in Kamakura and become a millionaire by taking part in the ritual to the goddess of fortune. We’ll tell you the steps to follow.

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  • Hindu Fashion

    Find out everything about the origin and the materials of the traditional clothing in India, that are presently exported all around the world

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  • Visit a Historic Museum

    Visit the National Museum of Slavery in Angola. It’s located in the Casa Grande Chapel, the place where slaves were baptized before being shipped to America.

  • Find Art Everywhere

    Visit the National Museum of Fine Arts in Argentina. It has the biggest collection of the country’s Artistic Heritage .

  • Cultural Berlin

    Berlin has 170 museums, but if you’re not a big fan of these sites, at least include the Pergamon Museum in your route.

  • Try Vacation Rentals

    If you travel with a group, rent an apartment or villa instead of reserving several hotel rooms and save tons of money. The easiest way to find vacation rentals is by visiting websites like Craiglist or Airbnb.

  • Observe Uniqueness

    When choosing what to write in your travel journal, add fun facts that called your attention about the culture, traditions and customs of the inhabitants of the destination you visited. This will help you understand better the diverse ways there are of understanding life and the world.

  • Greet Without Misunderstandings

    In order to greet someone in Germany, give a firm handshake because a hug could be misinterpreted.

  • Be an Empathic Traveler

    Viktor Frankl, a concentration camp survivor, said: "... man is that being that’s capable of inventing the concentration chambers of Auschwitz, but he’s also the being who has walked into those same chambers with his head held high ..."

  • Buy a Safe Travel Amulet

    When you visit Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Temple in Kamakura, buy a Ryokō-anzen-mamori amulet, which guarantees safe travels. The amulet may be separated into two parts: you should keep one part with you and tie the other part to your luggage.

  • How to Pray in a Shinto Temple

    Put your hands together in prayer. Close your eyes and make a wish. Clap twice at a moderate speed and volume. Bow.

  • Countless Museums

    There are 151 known museums in Mexico City. After London, it’s the city with the greatest number of museums in the world.

  • San Angel and the Carmelites

    San Angel was named after the Carmelite convent that was founded in the area and that was dedicated to this saint. Nowadays the convent houses El Carmen Museum.

  • Jump-off Cities

    They are cities where you can save money because they give you the chance of visiting two destinations in one single trip; for example, when you travel to Las Vegas, apart from enjoying Sin City you can go to the Grand Canyon.

  • Travel Tales

    Travel journals are an excellent source of information to discover the world and the different viewpoints travelers have. Other written alternatives include travel guides, online publications, local magazines and travel literature.

  • Photo Tech

    New phones allow you to modify ISO and exposure levels.

  • Photo Tech

    New smartphones allow you to configure the screen and add the framing grid that helps take better pictures.

  • Almost the Same

    It’s said that phones are now equal to cameras, but these technologies don’t share some zoom and framing functions.

  • Ghost Stations

    The Berlin subway was founded in 1902 with 9 lines. When the city was divided, the subway was also separated, so ghost stations were created. The train never stopped in them if they were located at the wrong side of the city.

  • Notes by Viktor Frankl

    Viktor Frankl, a concentration camp survivor, said: "... man is that being that’s capable of inventing the concentration chambers of Auschwitz, but he’s also the being who has walked into those same chambers with his head held high ..."

  • The Cost of Luck

    Amulets can be bought at different Japanese shrines and temples. Their costs vary between 800 to 1500 yen, depending on how ellaborate their design is.

  • Japanese Numbers

    Even though Japanese people use Arabic numbers for many things, in your trip you will notice that in most of the small typical restaurants, the prices are written in kanji.

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