• A Trip With Your Best Friend

    Pack his favorite snacks and follow our advice to enjoy every moment of your vacation with your best 4-legged friend.

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  • Tourists and Greek Cats

    Greece is a famous destination thanks to its gastronomy, its classical temples, its myths and… its cats.

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  • Travel With Pets

    Would you like to share your next vacation with your best four-legged pal? We’ll tell you where to go…

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  • Rescue a Furry Friend

    If you choose to rescue and adopt a stray cat when you travel to Greece, check the pets import guides issued by your country and learn all you need to know to guarantee its safety and well being.

  • Create a Travel Calendar

    Take pictures of the cats you find happily napping on Greek monuments and then use the photos to make a calendar you can gift as an original souvenir.

  • Egyptian Cats

    Cats were taken to Greece by Phoenician merchants who brought them from Egypt.

  • Greek Keepers

    In Greece, cats help protect the city from rats and mice, so they are very solidary with their community.

  • Travel Pet Friendly

    In Belgium, dogs are allowed almost everywhere, and they can even sit on a venue’s chairs as long as their owner pays their entry fee.