• Travel Healthy

    Health is not opposite to a sybarite’s life as a frequent traveler. Discover how to look and feel your best with DINKtravelers.

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  • Chinese Tea Guide

    Tea is the Chinese culture’s favorite beverage. Learn about its varieties and health benefits while you enjoy its incomparable taste.

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  • Avoid Dehydration When Traveling

    Before you pack for your summer vacation, read this article to prevent dehydration and travel healthy.

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  • Health Benefits of Going to the Beach

    Discover why traveling to the beach means investing in time to rest and gaining health benefits.

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  • Vacationing At The Dead Sea

    Whether it’s for health, beauty, rest or cultural reasons, the Dead Sea should be one of your next destinations.

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  • The Best Travel-Friendly Workout

    Complete this workout routine and stay in shape wherever you travel.

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  • Wellness Spa Tourism

    When your vacations are over, a massage might be the perfect way to relax before having to tackle a stressful day back at the office.

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  • All About Health Tourism

    Health tourism consists on traveling to another city or country to receive medical attention and, at the same time, visit a destination.

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  • Healthy Snacks for Traveling

    Healthy snacks make any trip more enjoyable by helping you fight fatigue and control your cravings.

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  • Food Tourism and Health

    In Japan, visit healthy and gourmet restaurants where you can try delicious desserts made with organic vegetables.

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  • The Vegetarian Tourist

    Venture in the vegetarian side of gastronomic tourism.

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  • Travel Pillows

    Recover from exhausting flights and tours so you can enjoy your trips with these useful tips for a good night sleep!

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  • Travel Green

    Sun exposure at the beach is part of the fun. Apply biodegradable sunscreen with 50SPF.

  • Use 60SPF

    Use biodegradable sunblock creams with 60 SPF because, according to studies, sunblock creams with a greater SPF don’t work.

  • Wash your hands

    Wash your hands after being in contact with sea sand because bacteria thrive in it.

  • Protect our gadgets

    Buy cellphone and camera waterproof cases and protect them from sand and/or water damage.

  • Mind Your Health

    Before making a reservation for a spa treatment specify any health issue that might have an effect on how you respond to the treatment: skin prone to acne, high blood pressure, and recent surgeries.

  • Schedule a Massage

    If you’ll only have one massage during your stay at a beach resort, have it on the first day of your trip before your skin is suntanned and becomes too sensitive.

  • Rehydrate

    Drink water with chlorophyll after your treatment in order to rehydrate your skin.

  • Populated Costs

    Nearly 40% of the world populations lives less than 100km away from coasts.

  • Touristic Diseases

    Tanorexia is a disease that’s related with exaggerated sunbathing in order to get a darker skin color.

  • Outdoors Spas

    In Africa there are spas with outdoors treatment areas that are immerse in a jungle-like environment.

  • Reduce Stress Levels

    Massages are recommended to reduce stress and anxiety, improve blood flow and alleviate muscle pain and mild headaches.

  • Natural Treatments

    The products that are used in health spas are usually made with natural ingredients such as flowers, edibles and water.