• Winter Photography

    Freeze the holidays with these simple photography tips for snowy landscapes and colorful tinkling settings.

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  • Photography Tips for Archaeological Sites

    Follow these photography tips for archaeological architecture at one of the most famous destinations in the world: the Mayan region in Southeast Mexico.

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  • Photographic Creativity

    Follow our advice on how to develop your visual creativity and produce photographs that perpetuate the perfect instants of your vacation.

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  • Vacation Photography Tips

    An essential part of every trip is creating a collection of photographs. Follow these tips and you’ll produce great images.

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  • Landscape Photography and Tourism

    Photography: In the seventeenth century the landscape began to be considered as something beautiful, worthy of being immortalized in an image.

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  • Basic Tips for Travel Photography

    Waiting hours at the airport can be more fun if you profit that time to practice the use of your camera’s features.

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  • Travel Selfies

    8 out of 10 selfies are taken with a smartphone’s camera. Read this article to discover the best strategies to take selfies.

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  • Photograph the Northern Lights

    Take a souvenir of the northern lights. If you can, get a camera that allows you to adapt the exposure time so that you let a lot of light in. Also, get a tripod, even a small one.

  • Photogenic Northern Lights

    Sometimes the northern lights look better through a camera because they are more sensitive than the human eye.

  • Follow This Photo Tip

    You’ll probably want to take a panoramic picture of the Grand Place. Instead, take several pictures rotating on your own axis and then put them together with a photography app or program.

  • Photograph Mural Paintings

    You’ll find mural paintings in different places near Cape Polonio, so prepare your camera and take a walking tour.

  • Photograph Landscapes

    Take your camera to Hierve el Agua because the landscapes you’ll find there are breathtaking.

  • Take a Pic!

    Luis I Bridge is one of the most famous monuments in Porto so don’t miss the chance to take a picture there.

  • Follow This Photo Tip

    Use a wide-angle lens when you photograph the Tule tree because it’s very broad.

  • Follow This Photo Tip

    When you visit the monarch butterfly sanctuary take a camera with a powerful zoom because it’s not easy to get too close to the butterflies.

  • Enjoy a Siesta

    Siesta time in Spain is between 15 and 18hrs, so it’s probable that at that time you’ll find the streets empty. It will be the perfect moment to take pictures without people standing in the way.

  • Blue Tile Photography Tips

    Remember not to use flash when you take photographs of blue tile in Lisbon. Increase de ISO levels of your camera.

  • Use 60SPF

    Use biodegradable sunblock creams with 60 SPF because, according to studies, sunblock creams with a greater SPF don’t work.

  • Protect our gadgets

    Buy cellphone and camera waterproof cases and protect them from sand and/or water damage.

  • Create Professional Effects

    When you take pictures on Christmas Eve open the camera’s diaphragm. This way the lights behind your subject will appear slightly out of focus. It’s a nice and simple effect.

  • Capture Light

    Remember to increase the ISO levels on your camera in order to take pictures at night, but don’t exaggerate or the images will come out with too much noise.

  • Photo Tech

    New phones allow you to modify ISO and exposure levels.

  • Photo Tech

    New smartphones allow you to configure the screen and add the framing grid that helps take better pictures.

  • Almost the Same

    It’s said that phones are now equal to cameras, but these technologies don’t share some zoom and framing functions.