• Places to Visit in Montevideo

    Montevideo is a city that can be compared with the great megalopolis in America, yet it’s known for its fascinating tranquility.

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  • Tourism in Cabo Polonio

    If you wish to find your inner self and enjoy moments of solitude and reflection, Cabo Polonio is the right place for you.

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  • The Costanera of Montevideo

    Every city has its symbols and Montevideo is not an exception. Discover its coastline and its attractions at sea.

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  • Choose the Best Travel Season

    Find the best landscapes and less tourists in winter. In Uruguay, winter means July and August.

  • Visit a National Park on Horseback

    Visit Cape Polonio National Park by taking a horseback excursion.

  • Photograph Mural Paintings

    You’ll find mural paintings in different places near Cape Polonio, so prepare your camera and take a walking tour.

  • Prepare Your Camera

    Pack your camera when you travel to Cape Polonio because the photos you can take of the beach and dunes are awesome.

  • Be a Solidary Traveler

    Be conscious of the fishing activity in Cape Polonio and of the frequent visits of sea lions in the area.

  • Take an Aquatic Tour

    Boat tours around Cape Polonio depart from the Lighthouse and they take you to visit every corner of this destination.

  • Surf and Enjoy

    If you want to surf, Cape Polonio is the right place for you. They have equipment rental both in high and low season.

  • Unpolluted Cape Polonio

    In the town of Cape Polonio entry of private vehicles is not allowed in order to preserve the environment’s purity.

  • Historic Origins of Cape Polonio

    Joseph Polloni’s shipwreck inspired the name of Polonio.

  • Tipping in Uruguay

    There’s no law that forces clients to tip in Uruguay; however, it’s customary to leave a 10% tip in restaurants, bars, and taxis, as well as tipping bell boys and ushers.

  • Moving Sand Dunes

    Sand dunes are a great attraction in Cape Polonio. Because of the wind, they move approximately 16 feet per year from southeast to northeast.

  • National Protected Area

    On July 20th 2009 Cape Polonio was declared National Park and it became a protected area.

  • Fishing and Craftwork

    Most people in Cape Polonio are dedicated to fishing and craftwork. Others work at the lighthouse.

  • Summer in Montevideo

    Uruguay’s capital city, Montevideo, is the country’s favorite summer destination. Nearly 60% of the population plans a vacation in this city where they can enjoy both an urban and a beach vacation.