• Miami Multicultural City

    The atmosphere in Miami combines urban modernity with the warmth and festive spirit of tropical destinations.

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  • Tourism in Harvard University

    Visit Harvard University with its architecturally varied buildings, its youthful environment and its stories of lies associated with John Harvard’s statue.

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  • Discovery Kit of Central Park

    You need more than one day to visit all of Central Park, also known as New York’s Lung. We’ll tell you which landmarks you can’t miss.

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  • The best view in NYC

    Visit One World Observatory in NY and enjoy a 360-degree view of Manhattan. Discover The Great Apple and its history from great heights.

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  • The Green Fairy

    Absinthe was known as “The green fairy” because it’s said to alter the mind. Try it in your next trip to Amsterdam.

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  • Discovering Vegan Wine

    In your next trip, quench your passion for winemaking by trying a vegan wine.

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  • The History of the Jack O’ Lantern

    Pumpkin is Halloween’s Irish protagonist and a staple ingredient of All Saints Day if you celebrate it on a trip to Mexico.

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  • Empire State Building

    The Empire State is one of the most emblematic buildings in New York, and it has been known as the heart of the city.

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  • Tourism in Oahu

    A crystal clear ocean, blue skies, tasty food, a breathtaking setting and a nice relaxing spa… O’ahu Island: the perfect destination for you.

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  • New Orleans Music Tours

    In New Orleans you’ll find artists that will fill your trip with jazz rhythms as they play their trumpets and saxophones.

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  • The Best Tour to The Statue of Liberty

    The cosmopolitan New York skyline contrasts with the Statue of Liberty, a historic treasure that has remained suspended in time.

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  • All About the Public Garden in Boston

    Escape from the urban environment of the city and find literary memories, nature and history at the Public Garden of Boston.

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  • CityCenter in Las Vegas Strip

    In CityCenter, Las Vegas, the buildings, boutiques and works of art strategically placed along the pathways and terraces conform a gigantic exhibit.

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  • Classic Car Tours USA

    Discover a new way of traveling by driving a classic car across the United States.

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  • Best Winter Vacations

    In winter, not all travel plans are meant to visit snowy destinations.

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  • Millennium Park Art

    Millenium Park celebrates the city of Chicago, which has made great contributions to the urban and architectonic development of society.

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  • A Day At The MoMA

    New York is, without doubt, one of the most important destinations for culture and art lovers, so plan your next trip to this city today.

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  • Two Days in Miami

    Go on a weekend getaway to Miami to get a sexy suntan, take a picture with a celebrity, dance until the sun rises and visit a National Historic Landmark.

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  • Travel Green

    Sun exposure at the beach is part of the fun. Apply biodegradable sunscreen with 50SPF.

  • Purchase a Sunset Flex Priority Admission Ticket

    Purchase a Sunset Flex Priority Admission Ticket for the One World Observatory in NYC. This way you’ll skip lines and enjoy the best views of Manhattan at sunset.

  • Buy Quality Wine

    In order to identify a wine’s quality, take into account these 4 elements: the weather, the type of grape, the elaboration process and its aging time.

  • Offer a Special Gift

    A good gift for a friend can be a bottle of wine whose production has a interesting or cultural history

  • Christmas in New York

    Travel to NYC to see the most popular Christmas tree in the world placed at the Rockefeller Center.

  • Experience New York at Great Heights

    Climb up to the observation decks of the Empire State. They’re located on the 86th and 102nd floors.

  • Create a Panoramic View

    Use the panoramic photo effect of your camera or cellphone and capture more of New York when you find yourself at the Empire State’s observation decks.

  • Skip the Lines

    Visit the Empire State before 10am and after 9pm to skip long lines.

  • Listen to Great Jazz

    The best neighborhood to listen to good jazz in New Orleans is the French Borrough; however, if you walk the city streets you’ll be surprised by Street artists.

  • Make a Toast for Jazz

    Visit Maison de Bourbon in New Orleans, a pub dedicated to the preservation of jazz.

  • Find the Ideal Tour

    Go to the tourist office in New Orleans and subscribe to one of the city tours they have available. It’s worth it.

  • The Statue of Liberty in Barcelona

    There’s a replica of the Statue of Liberty in Barcelona. The other two are found in New York and Paris. The one in Barcelona is black and smaller than the original one, and you can see it at Arús Library.

  • Buy Your Tickets Online

    If you’ll climb to the Statue of Liberty’s crown you must buy your tickets online several weeks in advance.

  • Wake up Early

    You can purchase your tickets to the Statue of Liberty at Battery Park, as long as you get there before 10am.

  • Plan Your Route

    Download maps and organize your routes along New York. The attractions are not all in the same area, so it’s convenient to visit them on different days.

  • Get a Ride

    In order to go from one casino to another on a very sunny or cold day, take the Monorail. It connects several hotels from the MGM to the SLS.

  • Go on a Helicopter Tour

    Make the best of your trip to Las Vegas by taking a helicopter tour to the Grand Canyon.

  • Shop Smart

    There are souvenir shops inside all the casinos; however we also recommend visiting the city’s outlets.

  • Flee South

    While the northern hemisphere goes through winter, the southern hemisphere enjoys summer. If you want to avoid the cold weather, travel south in December.

  • Visit the MoMA on Friday

    Take into account that, unlike most museums, the MoMA opens on Mondays. Also, on Fridays, from 4pm until late, it offers the Free Fridays program.

  • If you visit One World Observatory in the morning

    If you visit One World Observatory in the morning and it’s a clear day, apart from Manhattan and Brooklyn, you’ll get to see New Jersey.

  • Wine and Longevity

    Around the world, many people believe wine makes people live longer and don’t suffer from heart issues thanks to powerful antioxidant it contains called resveratrol.

  • A Giant Pioneer

    The Empire State was the first skyscraper to surpass the 100-floor barrier.

  • The US Emperor

    The Empire State owes its name to the nickname given to the state of New York: “State of the Empire”.

  • St. Patrick in NYC

    The construction of the Empire State began on St. Patrick’s day in 1930.

  • Music that Creates Identity

    As a music genre, jazz helped fight racial prejudice.

  • Worldly Famous

    New Orleans is worldly known for its architecture, its gastronomy and jazz.

  • Historic Jazz

    Livery Stable Blues was the first jazz song ever to be recorder; this was in 1917.

  • Películas neoyorkinas

    Nueva York tal vez sea la ciudad que más veces ha salido en filmes. Los escenarios más famosos incluyen Times Square, El Central Park, la Estatua de la Libertad y el Empire State.

  • Destroyed Heritage

    The Statue of Liberty is the monument that has been destroyed more times in movies.

  • A New Purpose

    The State of Liberty was not always considered a monument. Until 1902 it was New York’s lighthouse and its light could be seen from a distance of 39km.

  • The Strength of Wind

    Despite its size and weight, the Statue of Liberty can sway up to 8cm on windy days.

  • A Huge Cargo

    The Statue of Liberty was transported to New York in 214 boxes. 36 of them only contained screws and rivets.

  • Sustainable casinos

    Casinos and hotels use greywater in their fountains and artificial lakes. This is wastewater generated in households or office buildings and it’s a smart alternative that avoids wasting drinking water in architectural design.

  • Helpless Gambling

    Even though only 15% of travelers plan a gambling trip, more than 70% of them end up gambling once they are in Las Vegas.

  • Are You Sure It's Legal?

    It might appear to be different, but actually, prostitution is not legal in Las Vegas.

  • Destinos sin invierno

    En la zona intertropical, entre el ecuador y el trópico de cáncer hay destinos de playa que no sufren las consecuencias del frío. Son lugares recomendables para visitar en el invierno.

  • Art Maps at the MoMA

    There are six floors full of artwork at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. In order to move around more easily, visitors can download the museum’s floor plan from its official website.

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