• Royal Park of Greenwich

    Greenwich is a place that offers great food, tranquility, astronomy, nature and history…all at the right time!

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  • Visiting London Tower Bridge

    Another way to tour London is by crossing the bridges that connect both banks of the Thames. Visit Tower Bridge!

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  • The Big Ben Tower

    The Big Ben Tower nestles a +13 tons bell and every 118 days the clock has a 2 decimals-of-a-second delay. Visit it in London!

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  • Eating in a Pub

    For the British, social life takes place in pubs, so you’ll find there the most typical dishes of this destination.

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  • 7 Advantages of Traveling by Train

    Discover the advantages of traveling by train in Europe, the passes that will save you tons of money and the best railway companies you’ll find.

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  • Santa Claus Travel Route

    Call him Sinter Klaas or Santa Claus. This chubby and white-bearded guy will take you on a great holiday this December!

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  • The best parks in London

    Enjoy having direct contact with nature in London's historic parks, located in one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world.

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  • Gestures Around the World

    When visiting a new destination, are you sure your hand gestures mean what you want to express?

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  • The Tube, Double-Deckers y Hackneys

    London means of transportation are a touristic attraction for those who visit this destination.

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  • Movies and Travel

    From Harry Potter to Amélie, cinematographic sets have always been a good reason to visit new destinations.

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  • British Stout Beer

    Pouring the perfect pint of stout beer, a pubs classic, takes 119.5 seconds. Learn more about this beverage and the ritual behind it’s consumption right here!

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  • The Gin Tour

    Introducing one of tourists’ favorite cocktails when it comes to enjoying nightlife. Discover how it was created in our Gin Tonic Tour.

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  • St. Pancras International Train Station

    St. Pancras train station in London harbors works of art that reflect its soul as well as that of the people who converge in it.

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  • Ecotourism in Lake District

    Visit Lake District, in England, and discover the beauty of the fairytale landscapes that inspired the English poets.

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  • Buckingham Palace and Change of Guards

    Visit Buckingham Palace in London to see the treasures of the British Royal Family and don’t miss the ceremony of the change of guards.

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  • A Cinematographic Experience at The ORNC

    Enjoy a cinematographic experience at the Old Royal Naval College and discover which Hollywood movies have been filmed here!

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  • Stonehenge, History and Mystery

    Stonehenge is one of the most photographed and enigmatic destinations around the world. Discover all its secrets and visit it like an expert

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  • The Tower of London

    Visit the Tower of London to meet the ghost of Anne Boleyn, see the British Crown Jewels and discover part of the history of Great Britain.

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  • Take a Virtual Tour

    Visits to the interior of the Big Ben are only available for British residents; however, you can take a virtual tour of the monument.

  • Visit the Parliament

    Take the guided tour at Westminster Palace. You’ll visit the see of the British Parliament.

  • Be on Time

    Surely you’re familiar with British punctuality, don’t be late for guided tours because they won’t wait for you.

  • Take photos from Primrose Hill

    When you go to Regent's Park, climb to the top of Primrose Hill. From this small hill you will have a magnificent view of the London landscape.

  • Travel in Hollywood Style

    Watch the film Amélie before traveling to Paris. You’ll notice that many of the scenes were filmed in Montmartre.

  • Get a Ride

    If you’re tired of walking around Paris, a cable car will take you up to Montmartre. The journey is one minute and a half long.

  • Get the Best View

    Enjoy the view of the Eiffel Tower from the Sacre Coeur.

  • May The Force Be With Tunisia

    Travel to Matmata, in Tunisia, and visit some of the sceneries that inspired the sets in Star Wars.

  • Gladiator Battles in Morocco

    The landscape in Morocco can be deceiving, but it’s the place you must visit to see where they created the sets for the film Gladiator.

  • Parisian Drama

    If you walk the streets of Paris they’ll surely remind you of several scenes from Amèlie.

  • Serve the Perfect Angle

    When pouring a beer remember you have to do it at an angle of 45 degrees. This way you won’t produce too much foam and you’ll achieve the perfect texture.

  • The Authentic Stout

    Even if you have already tried a stout, you’ll only enjoy its real taste if you order it in a pub.

  • Make a Toast with a Stout

    Travel to Dublin on the fourth Thursday in September. On that day they make a toast at 17:59 in honor of the creator of Guinness beer.

  • Smart Mix

    Avoid mixing your Gin Tonic with lime; the bubbles will pop and the drink will lose intensity.

  • Avoid Ice

    When you order a Gin Tonic make sure your drink is cold but without ice, because when it melts, it changes your beverage’s flavor.

  • Duration of the Change of Guards

    The change of guards ceremony at Buckingham Palace begins at 11:30 and lasts around 50 minutes, but consider arriving at least half an hour earlier in order to find a good spot. Don’t plan other touristic activities in the morning of you visit to the palace.

  • The Best Place to Watch the Change of Guards

    Once at Buckingham, the most privileged spot to watch the ceremony is near the palace’s gate. The event takes place near the entrance, so standing next to the gate you’ll be able to see everything that takes place both inside and outside.

  • Visit The City of Adelaide

    After visiting the Old Royal Naval College go to the famous clipper ship The City of Adelaide, which is open to the public at Greenwich port.

  • Alias, the Big Ben

    The Big Ben is not really called like that. It is commonly referred to as Clock Tower and officially known as Elizabeth Tower.

  • A Musical Nickname

    The name of Big Ben comes from the huge bell that hangs from the Clock Tower.

  • A Tall Clock

    The Big Ben is 96m high and it’s the world’s third tallest tower.

  • A Zoo in St. James’s Park

    King James I decided to dry the old marsh that Henry VIII used as hunting territory and installed in its place an aviary and a zoo, with crocodiles, camels and even an elephant!

  • Hollywood in Paris

    Many movies have been filmed in Paris, almost as many as in New York.

  • Epic Battles in New Zealand

    The ample and imposing landscapes of New Zealand have been ideal to film numerous epic films.

  • Películas neoyorkinas

    Nueva York tal vez sea la ciudad que más veces ha salido en filmes. Los escenarios más famosos incluyen Times Square, El Central Park, la Estatua de la Libertad y el Empire State.

  • Destroyed Heritage

    The Statue of Liberty is the monument that has been destroyed more times in movies.

  • Disney’s Castle

    Neuschwanstein’s Castle has inspired countless movies and TV shows. Disney used it as an inspiration to create one of its main symbols.

  • Characteristics of a Stout

    Dark beer doesn’t have a greater alcohol content than light beer. Its only difference is that barley was more toasted during its elaboration process.

  • Beer Phobias

    Did you know there’s a phobia to having an empty glass of beer in your hand? It’s called Cenosillicaphobia.

  • Sweet Beer!

    They say that British stouts are sweeter than Irish stouts and, actually, sometimes it’s true.

  • World Toast

    The world’s greatest Gin Tonic consumers are Philippines, the United States and Spain.

  • Digestive Luxury

    A Gin Tonic is one of the best natural digestives you can find.

  • Surprising Changes

    Did you know that if you expose a Gin Tonic to ultraviolet light it turns fluorescent?

  • The Royal Pet

    The Corgi has been the British Royal Family’s favorite breed since 1933, when Queen Elizabeth II was gifted one on her 18th birthday. The dog, which the queen named Susan, has also bred a long line of corgis the queen has had as pets. She has even taken them sometimes to public ceremonies!

  • Undeground Tunnels at The ORNC

    Beneath the Old Royal Naval College you’ll find Ripley Tunnel, an underground tunnel where they keep fake wooden cannon balls that were used to train for naval battles.