• Mosaic Glass Lamps

    Travel to Istanbul and make your own souvenir: a Turkish lamp.

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  • How to Visit the Blue Mosque

    The Blue Mosque in Istanbul brings humanity together through the experience of admiring beauty.

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  • Ephesus Archaeological Museum

    A single column and, around it, a whole world. Travel to Ephesus, a place that transports you to a time of gods and heroes.

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  • Santa Claus Travel Route

    Call him Sinter Klaas or Santa Claus. This chubby and white-bearded guy will take you on a great holiday this December!

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  • Basilica of Saint Sophia in Istanbul

    Saint Sophia allows us to find bridges between different cultures, elements of great historical interest and links between artistic motifs.

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  • Gestures Around the World

    When visiting a new destination, are you sure your hand gestures mean what you want to express?

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  • Try Intangible Heritage Bread

    Travel to the Caucasus and try Lavash, a variety of bread that’s declared Cultural Intangible Heritage by UNESCO.

  • Visit the Virgin’s House

    Apart from Ephesus’ ruins, visit the Virgin Mary’s house, which is said to be located on a hill.

  • Drive to Ephesus

    In order to get to Ephesus, rent a car at the city of Smyrna, located 1 hour away from the archaeological site.

  • Don’t Rush

    In order to visit Ephesus leisurely, spend the night at Salcuk, Kusadasi or Sirince.

  • Departure Point

    The city of Ephesus, in Turkey, served as a nucleus of religious dissemination. Saint Paul departed from there in order to spread Christendom across Greece.

  • The Seven Wonders

    The Temple of Artemis in Ephesus was one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

  • A Terrible Earthquake

    The city of Ephesus was affected and damaged by an earthquake in 17 AD.