• The World’s Tallest Green Building

    Whether you like sports tourism, sustainable travel or photography contests, visit Taipei 101, the world’s tallest green building.

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  • Night Markets in Taiwan

    Enjoy a delicious experience by having Taiwanese food at one of the night markets of Taipei.

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  • New Year’s Gourmet Dinner

    Travel to taste New Year’s specialties and ensure success for the following year.

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  • Learn how to go to the Shilin Night Market

    Shilin Night Market in Taipei is accessible if you take the subway, line 2, Jiantan station.

  • Fun facts about stinky tofu

    Stinky tofu, commonly sold in night markets and hawker stalls, but not in restaurants, can be eaten cold, boiled or fried and is usually had with hot sauce. It’s so smelly that it stinks like rotten garbage or smelly feet!