• Chocolate Around the World

    Learn about the history of chocolate and travel to the best destinations to eat it. Journey to chocolatey joy today!

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  • Authentic Swiss Raclette

    An exquisite feast melts before your eyes and what follows is a unique gastronomic experience. Try the raclette!

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  • Best Things to Do in Zurich

    Zurich has a privileged landscape surrounded by mountains, a luxurious lifestyle and it produces some of the most famous chocolates in the world.

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  • One Day in the City of Zurich

    Enjoy the urban and natural wonders Zurich, the happiest city in the world, offers

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  • Mountaineering Tourism

    Follow these expert tips and go mountaineering around the world. It’s your chance to get in touch with the natural world.

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  • The Green Fairy

    Absinthe was known as “The green fairy” because it’s said to alter the mind. Try it in your next trip to Amsterdam.

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  • Save cash in Zurich

    Food, and particularly meat, is usually very expensive in Zurich, so you’ll spend between 20 and 40CHF on lunch or dinner. Save some cash by visiting vegetarian restaurants.

  • Mountaineering With Experts

    Equipment failure, fatigue and inadequate technique are part of the hazards mountain climbers face. Always practice this activity accompanied by an expert climber and guide.

  • Transport in Zurich

    The Zurich Pass offers free admission to over 40 museums but it also allows travelers to use the public transport, including the one from/to the airport. Passes are valid for either 24 or 72 hours.

  • What’s a bivvy?

    Bivvy bags or bivouac bags are sleeping bags made from breathable waterproof membranes. They prevent outside moisture from entering the bag