• The Big Five

    Go on an adventure and meet the Big Five, five magnificent and imposing animals you’ll find at the Kruger National Park in South Africa.

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  • What do wine labels mean

    Wine tasting is a great experience that springs from the moment you discover its personality as described through its label.

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  • World Cup Venues

    Sports tourism is in vogue. In this trip we’ll visit some of the most recent World Cup venues.

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  • All About the Garden Route

    Live and feel South Africa through the Garden Route, a journey that will take you whale watching in Hermanus and wine tasting in Paarl.

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  • Visits in Exchange for Wine-Tastings

    In most vineyards, when you visit the wineries they offer you a wine-tasting experience.

  • Drink Wine With an Exclusive Style

    Although tasting wine is done practically the same everywhere, follow the steps they teach you at each vineyard.

  • Don’t Mix Aromas

    It’s advisable not to wear any perfume on the day you’ll go on a wine-tasting tour. This way, external scents won’t mix with the wine’s aroma.

  • Buy Quality Wine

    In order to identify a wine’s quality, take into account these 4 elements: the weather, the type of grape, the elaboration process and its aging time.

  • Offer a Special Gift

    A good gift for a friend can be a bottle of wine whose production has a interesting or cultural history

  • Toast with Sherry

    As a recommendation, follow the route of Marco de Jerez in Spain. The architecture, monuments and the history behind this route will inspire you to taste Jerez, internationally known as “Sherry”.

  • Pre-Hispanic Vine

    In Mexico, there were types of vine that grew since before the Spanish conquerors arrived. Unfortunately, they were wild varieties so the grapes could not be used to produce wine.

  • Wine and Longevity

    Around the world, many people believe wine makes people live longer and don’t suffer from heart issues thanks to powerful antioxidant it contains called resveratrol.

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