• Pasteis de Belém

    Pastéis de Belém are a guilty pleasure for your sweet tooth that will invite you to travel.

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  • The Tower of St. Vincent

    Learn everything about Portugal’s naval tradition by visiting this stone fortress: Belem Tower.

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  • Porto Wine-Tasting Tour

    Portugal is the fifth greatest wine exporter in the European Union. Fine here Oporto’s finest wine varieties.

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  • Fados and Saudades

    Portuguese fado’s lyrics incorporate feelings of sadness, but its verses are performed with sweet rhythms that give birth to melancholic melodies.

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  • Visiting the Castle of Guimarães

    The grandness of Guimarães Castle resides in its simplicity. Come and fall in love with the beauty of this Portuguese architectural work.

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  • Portuguese Glazed Tile

    Decoration with glazed tile makes Portugal a visibly attractive destination, rich in blue-colored details.

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  • Sao Jorge Castle

    For over 10 centuries, travelers who arrive in Lisbon can enjoy the ocean view from the medieval towers of St. George’s Castle.

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  • Esposende Tourist Information

    With its 16 kilometers of coast, Esposende is a natural overlook for people who love sunsets.

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  • Prepare for Tiring Walks

    At Lisbon’s historic downtown you’ll find several hills, so wear comfortable shoes during your visit.

  • Choose the Perfect Pairing

    After you dine in Porto, order an Oporto wine, an excellent choice to pair with dessert.

  • Take a Pic!

    Luis I Bridge is one of the most famous monuments in Porto so don’t miss the chance to take a picture there.

  • Go on a Wine Tour

    If you love wine tourism, visit Vila Nova Gaia wineries.

  • Listen to a New Rhythm

    In Lisbon, the area with the greatest tradition of fado music is Alfama, so visit it and fill your trip with Portuguese rhythms.

  • Listen to a New Rhythm

    If you want to listen to traditional fado, you must visit the University of Coimbra.

  • Dine and Dance

    Make reservations for a fado music show/dinner. It’s an excellent chance to learn more about this music genre.

  • Choose the Best Day

    Entrance to the Palace of the Dukes of Braganza is free on Sundays before noon, so if you want to avoid crowds, visit it on weekdays.

  • Make a 1-day Trip

    Stay in Oporto and, from there, make a 1-day trip to Guimaraes. Trains depart constantly from this city and the trip is about 1.15h long

  • Log-on From Portugal

    There’s free Wi-Fi service in most public places in Guimaraes. You just need to register to use it.

  • Blue Tile Photography Tips

    Remember not to use flash when you take photographs of blue tile in Lisbon. Increase de ISO levels of your camera.

  • Take the Tram

    Take the tram in order to get to the Castle of Saint George in Lisbon. This way you’ll discover two of Lisbon’s main attractions in one single trip.

  • Choose the Best Date

    Avoid visiting Saint George’s Castle on Mondays because on that day, the Tower of Ulysses, where you can find a periscope, remains closed.

  • City of the Seven Hills

    Lisbon is known as the city of the seven hills. From their overlooks you can enjoy the most amazing views of this urban destination.

  • The Longest Bridge in Europe

    The longest bridge in Europe is 17 km long and it’s located in Lisbon. It was built in 1998 and is known as Vasco de Gama bridge.

  • Ancient Denomination of Origin

    Oporto wine is one of the oldest wines with Denomination of Origin.

  • The Origins of Oporto

    Many people believe Oporto wine was named after the city where the grape is grown, but actually, its name comes from the port where it was commercialized during the 17th century.

  • Northeaster Vineyards

    Oporto vineyards are located in northeast Portugal, about 100km away from the city of Porto.

  • Regulated Wine-Making

    The elaboration process of Oporto wine is very controlled and regulated. There are strict rules that wine producers must follow from the moment they grow the grapes until they bottle the product.

  • Fado in Lisbon

    In Coimbra, fado is linked to the city’s university. Traditionally it’s sung exclusively by men, unlike fado in Lisbon, which is sung by women.

  • The Cradle of Portugal

    The UNESCO declared the Historic Center of Guimaraes World Cultural Heritage in 2001.

  • The Cradle of Portugal

    The UNESCO declared the Historic Center of Guimaraes World Cultural Heritage in 2001.

  • Una vista espectacular

    La torre del Castillo de Guimaraes mide aproximadamente 28m y desde ahí se puede apreciar perfecto la ciudad.

  • Cultural Exchange

    In Lisbon many places are decorated with blue tile, a testimony of the reciprocal influence of various cultures.

  • Name Change

    The Castle of Saint George in Lisbon was known as Castle of the Moors.

  • New Owner

    The Castle of Saint George was a Muslim Citadel until de twelfth century, when Alfonso I became King of Portugal.

  • Historic Uses

    In the thirteenth century the Castle of Saint George became the see of the Royal Palace and kept that use until the sixteenth century.

  • Picturesque Tram

    Lisbon’s tram is one of the most picturesque in Europe.