Travel PERU
  • Machu Picchu Archaeological Site

    The inhabitants of Machu Picchu abandoned the city to prevent it from ever being discovered. Now you can visit it and marvel at its beauty.

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  • Salt Mines in Peru

    The city of Maras in Peru harbors some of the biggest salt mines in the world. Visit them!

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  • Refreshing Beer with Latin Rhythms

    Enjoy the varied choices of Latin American beer and drink to joy!

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  • Serve the Perfect Angle

    When pouring a beer remember you have to do it at an angle of 45 degrees. This way you won’t produce too much foam and you’ll achieve the perfect texture.

  • Characteristics of a Stout

    Dark beer doesn’t have a greater alcohol content than light beer. Its only difference is that barley was more toasted during its elaboration process.

  • Beer Phobias

    Did you know there’s a phobia to having an empty glass of beer in your hand? It’s called Cenosillicaphobia.