• Trips to See the Aurora Borealis

    From a red dragon in the sky to an Eskimo paradise, pack your winter clothes and travel to Norway to see the northern lights.

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  • Christmas Trees Around the World

    Every traveler finds a spirit of adventure in the natural world. It feeds from landscapes decorated with Christmas trees.

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  • Norway in the Equinox

    In Norway, you can see the northern lights practically every day, so travel to this destination any time of the year but keep in mind that it’s nicer during or close to the equinox.

  • Keep Warm in Norway

    Wear warm clothes when you go to see the northern lights. It’s better to take some layers off than being cold.

  • Photograph the Northern Lights

    Take a souvenir of the northern lights. If you can, get a camera that allows you to adapt the exposure time so that you let a lot of light in. Also, get a tripod, even a small one.

  • Formation of the Northern Lights

    The Northern Lights are formed by particles that come from the Sun and interact with the gases found in the atmosphere creating a ring around the magnetic poles and producing green and sometimes red lights.

  • A Journey to Space

    In other planets like Jupiter and Saturn you can also find northern lights.