• Laksa Soup

    If a dish is listed 7th in the World’s Fifty Most Delicious Foods list, then it deserves giving oneself the opportunity of trying it: Laksa

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  • Dumplings and Wontons

    Plan a gourmet journey to China where you’ll try wontons, commonly known as dumplings. They’re little bundles of joy.

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  • Langkawi Beaches

    Langkawi, Cursed Island, offers you the chance to live a great adventure: swimming with sharks, crossing the Skybridge and eating durian.

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  • Meet the World’s Smelliest Fruit

    When you try durian, known as the King of Fruits, you’ll only have two options: to love it or hate it.

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  • New Year’s Gourmet Dinner

    Travel to taste New Year’s specialties and ensure success for the following year.

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  • The Coconut And Its Benefits

    Coconut possesses many nutritious properties and it’s the perfect snack and cocktail ingredient for those who travel to tropical coasts.

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  • Choose the Best Season to Travel

    Travel to China for the Chinese New Year celebration which takes place in February because they follow the lunar calendar. It’s the perfect time to try some dumplings

  • Taste Something Delish

    Dumplings are so famous that you can have them in many places around the world, but you won’t find tastier versions than in China.

  • Travel Without Gaining Weight

    Don’t worry about the calories, a steamed dumpling only provides 45 calories, so you can have several.

  • Taste the Forbidden Fruit

    If you’re going to try this delicious fruit, don’t do it on Singapore’s public transport. Due to its odor, it’s forbidden to eat it in public.

  • Eat a Smelly But Nutritious Fruit

    Try durian in your trip to Malaysia. Despite its odor, it has a high protein, healthy fats and sugar contents.

  • Choose the Right Fruit

    There’s no right way to choose a durian because it depends on whether you like it Green, ripe or with an alcoholic taste.

  • Choose the Right Fruit

    There’s no right way to choose a durian because it depends on whether you like it Green, ripe or with an alcoholic taste.

  • The Many Flavors of Dumplings

    For the Chinese New Year celebration, apart from preparing fish and pork meat dumplings, you can also order vegetable, seafood and meet varieties.

  • Fruit for the Brave

    Durian has a terrible odor but it’s been labeled as the best fruit in the world. Would you like to try it?

  • Smells that Kill

    Durian’s smell has been described as fetid, excrement-like and similar to a rotten onion. In other words, terrible.

  • No Wastes

    The roots, peel and leaves of durian are used in popular medicine. No part of this fruit goes to waste.

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    Wise Lee Cruise & Events

    Sunset dinner cruise in Langkawi

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    Sunset dinner cruise is from 5pm to 8pm RM 250 / daily departure from telaga harbour, Langkawi 07000 Malaysia / free flow drinks / BBQ diner / activities / PA / free shuttle (selected hotels).