Travel INDIA
  • Naan and Curry

    Curry is a mixture of spices that can be sweet or very spicy. Spoon it out with naan and enjoy your encounter with Indian gastronomy.

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  • Rituals in India

    The Hindu welcome everyone in their temples and they appreciate your interest in their traditions. DINKtravelers guides you through your visit.

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  • The Taj Mahal Palace

    The construction of the Taj Mahal is the echo of one of the greatest love stories.

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  • Best Winter Vacations

    In winter, not all travel plans are meant to visit snowy destinations.

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  • The Gin Tour

    Introducing one of tourists’ favorite cocktails when it comes to enjoying nightlife. Discover how it was created in our Gin Tonic Tour.

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  • The Coconut And Its Benefits

    Coconut possesses many nutritious properties and it’s the perfect snack and cocktail ingredient for those who travel to tropical coasts.

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  • Hindu Fashion

    Find out everything about the origin and the materials of the traditional clothing in India, that are presently exported all around the world

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  • Flee South

    While the northern hemisphere goes through winter, the southern hemisphere enjoys summer. If you want to avoid the cold weather, travel south in December.

  • Smart Mix

    Avoid mixing your Gin Tonic with lime; the bubbles will pop and the drink will lose intensity.

  • Avoid Ice

    When you order a Gin Tonic make sure your drink is cold but without ice, because when it melts, it changes your beverage’s flavor.

  • Destinos sin invierno

    En la zona intertropical, entre el ecuador y el trópico de cáncer hay destinos de playa que no sufren las consecuencias del frío. Son lugares recomendables para visitar en el invierno.

  • World Toast

    The world’s greatest Gin Tonic consumers are Philippines, the United States and Spain.

  • Digestive Luxury

    A Gin Tonic is one of the best natural digestives you can find.

  • Surprising Changes

    Did you know that if you expose a Gin Tonic to ultraviolet light it turns fluorescent?