Route in Colombia
Colombia, Latin America’s coffee capital, offers a wide variety of routes you can enjoy. Are you in?

Travel to Bogota

Colombia possesses the scent of coffee; that’s why in 2011 the UNESCO recognized it as the site with the most extensive coffee landscape in America. But its gastronomic appeal is not the only attraction this country offers. Thanks to its privileged geography and multiethnic culture, it also offers an interesting variety for tourists who enjoy routes and challenges with a Latin Flavor.

Today DINKtravelers invites you to discover all the experiences you can live in this destination. In order to enjoy them, just take a nonstop flight to Colombia, and arrive at El Dorado International Airport. Once there, our suggestion is to rent an automobile so you can easily reach downtown Bogota. As a first experience with traditional dishes, we recommend ordering the arepa –ground corn tortilla with filling (optional)– and the cholao –crushed ice with fruit and condensed milk. This way you can prepare for an adventure-filled day.

Monserrate Sanctuary

If you enjoy taking panoramic pictures, the best way to capture Bogota is from the heights, so don’t miss the chance to ride the cable car. In only four minutes it’ll take you to the Monserrate Sanctuary that’s located 820 meters away from the station and it fits up to 40 passengers with a cost of five dollars each. In order to be more comfortable ride it in the morning to avoid crowds, given that service starts at 8:00h. You’ll enjoy the morning light as it slowly covers the city.

Once at Monserrate Sanctuary marvel at the religious architecture on site and try the local colonial restaurant’s exquisite menu.

When you return to the city, you’ll still have time to see one of the most important art collections in America at Botero Museum. It’s located in Antigua Casa de Moneda on 11th Street #4-93, and it closes until 19:00h.

Santa Rosa de Cabal Natural Regional Park

Once you’ve been to the capital’s main attractions, reserve one day to go to the Santa Rosa de Cabal’s thermal waters. Even though the bus ride from Bogota lasts approximately six hours, it’s worth visiting. The Regional Park is nestled in an ideal natural landscape where you can practice trekking, and at the end of the day, you’ll be able to relax in the local thermal springs.

Without doubt, Bogota is the perfect spot to redefine the word “vacations”. Cheer up and enjoy this Latin adventure. You won’t regret it!

Because reading is where the journey begins...
  • Save in Rides

    If you travel between Colombian cities check flight prices. Sometimes they’re cheaper and more convenient that land transport.

  • Find Your Way Without Apps

    If you are in Bogota, a simple way to find your way is by looking at the mountains. They’re located east of the city.

  • Colombian Nature

    In Colombia, a tree grows three times as fast as in Chile and nine times as fast as in Canada.

  • Natural Colombia

    As curious as it may seem, Colombia is the world’s second most biodiverse country.