Millennium Park Art
Millenium Park celebrates the city of Chicago, which has made great contributions to the urban and architectonic development of society.

Chicago Millennium Park

The city of Chicago, in the United States, is worldwide known as “Windy City”, and it’s famous thanks to all the attractions one can find there, from theaters to sports stadiums, museums, parks, a planetarium and even avant-garde architecture that contrasts with the magnificent views of Lake Michigan.

However, there’s a specific venue that has gained fame as one of the city’s iconic sites: we refer to Millennium Park, a twenty-first century park that is part of the Grant Park complex.

Millennium Park History

Millennium Park was inaugurated in 2004 as a center that combines green areas, auditoriums for music events, trails and sculpture routes. All this was created as homage to the city of Chicago, which has made great contributions to the architectonic and urban development of society.

Pritzker Pavilion

You can’t miss the Pritzker Pavilion, a revolutionary outdoors auditorium that receives 11000 spectators, 4000 in the sitting area and 7000 in the park. Trust us when we say that visiting the park is truly enjoyable. The Pavilion’s design has polished brass structures and the roof is conformed by a grating that reminds us of a spider web through which you can see the sky.

On the other hand, DINKtravelers recommends visiting the sculpture exhibit along the park. Among these works our favorites are:

Cloud Gate

Without doubt, it’s the most impressive sculpture. It resembles a drop of mercury and people have nicknamed it “The Bean”. It’s 20m tall by 10m wide and it weighs 110 tons. All the area’s surrounding buildings can be seen reflected on this structure, so it’s a very interesting theme for a photography session.

The Crown Fountain

It gathers two 15m-tall structures located on a shallow pool. The most special feature this fountain has is the show of projected LED images that you can see reflected on the water. Throughout the day, and with a five-minute duration, they project a face that closes its mouth progressively as if it were a gargoyle. Once the mouth shuts completely, it gives the impression of spitting water, and it becomes a fountain. A few minutes later, the face changes and the same process repeats. There are almost 1000 different faces you can see throughout the day!

If you visit Chicago before March 7th, visit the ice-skating rink at the park. Access is free! But if you go in the summer, don’t miss the Grant Park Music Festival, it’s a free classical music festival that takes place once a year.

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