A Gondola Ride
Venice has never been as romantic as it is when sailing on a gondola!

Gondolas of Venice

DINKtravelers invites you to enjoy a romantic experience that will become part of your greatest memories forever.

You and your favorite travel companion should land at the Marco Polo airport in Venice, Italy. After crossing the security controls, head towards the airport’s exit ready to enjoy the best weekend of your lives. Ready?

What is a Venetian Gondola?

This beautiful Italian city is actually an archipelago with over 100 islands that are interconnected by almost 500 bridges. The magic of this urban labyrinth is best appreciated when sailing on a gondola –this word has a Greek origin and it means “short-tailed boat”. These peculiar black flat-bottomed rowing boats are the distinctive means of transportation along the Venetian lagoon, and even though in the past they were used to ship merchandise to and from medieval markets, nowadays they only have a touristic purpose.

Riding a gondola allows you to explore the city canals without getting tired of long walks while enjoying the magnificent views of the Venetian architecture. Besides, the optical effect of the reflections of sunlight on the water is ideal to immortalize the sights in photographs.

Venice Gondola Tour

You can take the tour from any part of the city and at any time, but we recommend starting at San Marcos Square, the most popular meeting point in the city. Right in front of the basilica you will find several cheerful gondoliers and you’ll be able to choose whomever you want as a guide.

The best time to take the tour is at 17:00 pm so you can enjoy the sunset on board. Is there anything more romantic than a sunset? Consider that each ride lasts around 40 minutes and that there’s the chance to choose between a traditional ticket and a package ticket that includes a serenade or even dinner on board. We suggest choosing the ticket that includes an aperitif so you can accompany your ride with a glass of wine.

The unique architecture of the city makes any route an extraordinary delight for your eyes, but if you really want a special experience, ask the gondolier to point out the famous Sighs Bridge near the Ducal Palace. These are two magnificent attractions that you won’t want to miss.

Lastly, don’t worry about going back to the point of departure because the ride will end exactly at San Marcos.

Fun Facts About Gondolas

  • In order to become a gondolier there’s a minimum requirement of three years of preparation. After that time riders need to pass a test to finally get their license.

  • Each gondola is artistically manufactured with only 7 pieces of wood!

  • No matter how lost you feel when you visit downtown Venice, if you follow the road to Rialto, you’ll always reach San Marcos Square.

  • The approximate fare for each gondola ride is 100 euros. If you buy a ticket that includes music, add another 50.

Because reading is where the journey begins...
  • Save in Lodging

    In your trip to Venice you can find lodging at the nearby town of Mestre.

  • Dedicate One Morning to Saint Mark

    In Venice, dedicate a few hours to visiting Saint Mark’s square because it’s there that you’ll find Saint Mark’s Basilica and the Dukes Palace, apart from a great environment.

  • Your First Stop in Venice

    Start your vacation in Venice by sailing across the Grand Canal, the main axis in the city.

  • A Constellation of Islands

    The city of Venice is made up by a conglomerate of 118 islands joined together by bridges.

  • Imitating Romance

    In many places around the world including malls, hotels and theme parks, they’ve copied the streets of Venice and the gondola rides.

  • Asymmetric Perfection

    Even if they seem to be symmetric, the gondolas in Venice are not. They are usually broader on the left side.