Arenal Volcano National Park
The volcanic activity of the Arenal is one of Costa Rica’s main attractions. It receives thousands of visitors every year.

Visit Arenal in Costa Rica

The nicest destinations in Costa Rica are always related with bucolic settings, given that this country possesses an impressive natural richness. For this reason, DINKtravelers highly recommends traveling there if you want to practice ecotourism. In the district of La Fortuna you’ll find the Arenal Volcano National Park, home to a “giant of fire”; that is, one of the region’s main attractions: the Arenal Volcano.

Arenal Volcano Tourism

Despite being active, this three-crater volcano is visited by thousands of tourists every year. In the surrounding areas people can enjoy several outdoors activities including hiking, swimming and even spelunking. And believe it or not, volcanic activity is in itself one of the site’s main attractions. People visit the Arenal because they want to hear the explosions and watch the lava flow while they witness the emission of gases and ashes. Of course, all this is done at a safe distance.

Arenal Volcano History

In 1968 the volcano had one of its most impressive eruptions. It was both monumental and destructive. However, nature can always surprise us so perhaps in your trip you’ll witness a show that’s just as intense. What we can assure you is that you’ll enjoy exploring the whereabouts.

Arenal Volcano National Park Attractions

Around 20 minutes away from La Fortuna, you’ll find 14 bridges. Eight of them are fixed while six of them are suspension bridges. They are 3.1 km long and some of them are up to 60m tall. Apart from enjoying the experience of crossing them and walking at vertiginous heights, they’ll offer you a breath-taking view of the volcano.

Another attraction is found in the thermal waters of the Tabacon River. They spring from the volcano’s branching, and swimming in them is like going to a spa. You’ll feel relaxed and energized thanks to their high content of soothing minerals.

As you can see, green is the main attraction in this destination. The Park is conformed by 250 acres of protected woods that harbor a wide variety of migrating species as well as endemic species. While you tour around the area, we recommend having your camera prepared at all times so you can photograph different native species that cross your path including tepezcuintes –rodents with white spots on their backs that feed from vegetables and squeal like pigs. If you’re very lucky you’ll even see a quetzal, a unique bird that was precious for Prehispanic cultures. Also, colorful frogs will be your traveling companions, but be careful! Some of them may be poisonous.

Above all, remain in the area until sunset. The setting sun and the volcano compose an unforgettable landscape you don’t want to miss.

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