Montebello National Park
Turquoise hues, navy blue and light blue, all in one place: the Lakes of Montebello.

Experience Lakes Lagos de Montebello Mexico

All around the world there are destinations that offer the opportunity to visit lakes and lagoons that conform unique landscapes. However, in Chiapas, Mexico, you’ll find a setting that’s made up of a group of neighboring lakes, each of them showing distinct colors.

The Lakes of Montebello are located in the Mexico-Guatemala frontier, on the Mexican side of the border, and they are the natural silver lining for a trip to Chiapas with its colonial churches in San Cristóbal, Zinacantán and San Juan Chamula, and its archaeological sites in Palenque, Bonampac and Yaxchilán.

Montebello Lakes Tour

The closest city to the lakes is Comitán, and still, it’s 72km away so you must arrive early if you want to have enough time to visit the greatest number of lakes in a day –there are approximately 56 in total. You’ll find yourself surrounded by pines, oaks and mixed forests and you’ll marvel at the abundance of orchids and bromeliads that lead the way to the exuberant colors of the lakes. Among the hues you’ll find there are different shades of light blue, turquoise and navy blue, and all of them are worth taking pictures. Does the view look familiar? Actually, these lakes were the setting for a TV commercial of a famous Mexican beer, so it’s possible that you’ve seen them before.

Tziscao Ecotourism and Natural Park

Local youngsters usually offer to be your tourist guides because they know the names of the different lakes as well as the best routes. DINKtravelers recommends going to Tziscao Lake, with a depth of 45m. It’s ideal for practicing different sports like diving, trekking, kayaking, horseback riding and camping. On the other hand, if you like shopping, walk to the Mexican-Guatemalan border and cross from one country to another –there are no restrictions–. You’ll see that even if the separation between the crafts stalls does not surpass 100m, the works differ in style. Also, on the Mexican side, try the chinculguajes, a type of corn patty filled with beans and sprinkled with Chiapanecan cheese and spicy sausage. They’re delicious!

Another route we recommend crosses Two Lagoons, an area with a different-colored lagoon on each side of a road. The different tones are due to the type of vegetation that lies at the bottom of each lagoon.

If you like Literature, read this: the Yuria Ranch that belonged to the poet Jaime Sabines was built right next to the Lagoons of Montebello National Park. We’re sure he was inspired by that landscape!

Don’t forget to take a raincoat since rainfall is common in the evenings at different times of the year. If you’re lucky you’ll enjoy clear skies but either way, the warm weather in the area guarantees that nothing will spoil your visit. You’ll have a marvelous natural experience at the lakes, we promise.

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  • Plan a Route

    If you don’t have too much time and you want to visit El Chiflón and Montebello Lakes, take a tour to San Cristobal that includes both sites.

  • Dining in Palenque

    When you dine at the restaurants located on the way to Palenque, try the local specialty: Chaya soup, a fine example of the Mayan culinary inheritance.