Healthy Snacks for Traveling
Healthy snacks make any trip more enjoyable by helping you fight fatigue and control your cravings.

Healthy Travel Snacks

When you plan a trip by car, you should never forget the snacks you’ll need to make the ride more enjoyable, control your cravings and avoid carsickness. We’ll tell you which are the healthiest, most delicious and filling foods, as well as those you should keep at bay.

The Best Snacks for Road Trips

Ideal healthy snacks combine protein, healthy fats, complex carbs, vitamins and minerals. These nutrients stabilize your blood sugar levels and they help you stay alert while driving.

Hydrate yourself with water. Unlike carbonated drinks, it doesn’t make you feel bloated and it doesn’t contain excessive sugar as sodas or bottled juices, which have been linked with diseases such as obesity and Type 2 Diabetes. In that sense, also avoid foods that contain simple sugars or refined flour like candies and white bread. They only provide temporary energy, so afterwards your blood sugar levels plummet leaving you drained and hungry.

Run away from foods that are rich in sodium such as chips, because they make you thirsty and cause water retention. Instead, pack some nuts. They’re rich in protein and omega-3 fatty acids that fill you with energy and prevent cellular oxidation caused by the sun. In addition, include vegetables with a high content of fiber to feel sated for a longer period. Consider carrots, cucumbers, jicama or celery and use lemon juice, tzatziki with Greek yogurt rich in probiotics that protect your gut or high-protein hummus as dressing.

If you want something sweet, avoid white chocolate, caramel or packed baked goods. Fruits contain natural sugars and vitamins that may strengthen your immune system so you can ward off illnesses during your trip. Besides, many fruits are bite size, so they’re ideal for easy consumption. Some examples include berries, grapes, cranberries and apricots. Even though they’re delicious, we don’t recommend taking oranges or guava because they have a very strong scent that might turn out to be annoying on the road. And don’t deprive yourself from dark chocolate. This decadent dessert contains antioxidants and catechins –compounds that help prevent obesity. Just make sure the bar contains at least 75% cocoa.

Finally, DINKtravelers offers you two additional options that are hard boiled eggs, which provide proteins and lutein –an antioxidant that prevents visual loss and serves as a natural sunscreen– and turkey and fat free cheese sandwiches. Avoid adding mayonnaise since it might spoil in the heat as well as cold cuts because their high sodium content will make you thirsty. Prepare them with whole grains bread given that it’s rich in fiber and complex carbs, which are digested more slowly keeping your energy and blood sugar levels stable.

Pack everything in airtight containers rather than foil paper to avoid producing unnecessary litter, and use resealable plastic bags to keep the residues until you reach your destination.

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