Singapore-Style Chili Crab
Chili Crab was elected as one of the 50 most delicious dishes in the world. Find out where and how you can try it.

Gastronomy of Singapore

Singapore is a cosmopolitan city, that’s why it is possible to find there a great variety of dishes from different countries. Chinese, Indian, Japanese and Italian cuisines are some of the most popular, together with local traditional gastronomy that includes dishes like Laksa, Chicken Rice and Chili Crab.

When you visit Singapore, give yourself the chance to indulge in all three proposals, although today we’re only going to talk about one of them: Chili Crab. To many people’s surprise, this feast was elected in 2011 one of the 50 most delicious dishes in the world by CNN Go. And, to be honest, we believe it is a very well deserved recognition.

Being one of the most delicious and representative dishes in Singapore, Chili Crab is prepared and cooked very similarly in most restaurants. Although each chef believes he has his own unique recipe, they all include the same basic ingredients, which are crab and the star of this specialty: tomato sauce with chili. So, it’s all right if you don’t know any specific restaurant where you can order it; most chefs’ recipes are so great, that they will leave you hungry for more.

Chili Crab Side Dishes

Commonly, chili crab is ordered with a side dish of fried rice, vegetables, seafood or fish, but regardless of those, there’s one thing that can’t be left out when you order Chili Crab, and that’s the sweet warm bread that contrasts so deliciously with the hot sauce.

At the same time, there’s another dish that goes great with chili crab. Although many people don’t consider it as special as the popular variety we’re describing, you can’t miss the opportunity to try pepper crab. Even though it is not as hot as the classic one, it is far spicier. Both of them form the perfect combo for fine dining.

Dining Etiquette Tips

When it comes to eating chili crab, DINKtravelers tells you what you must do in order to look –and eat– like a chili crab expert…even if, apparently, you have to break a rule or two of restaurant etiquette.

  • Don’t be shy and ask for a bib. Seriously, it will keep your clothes free from food stains and sauce drops.

  • Forget about cutlery and enjoy your chili crab with your bare hands. And once you’re at it, it’s okay to spoon the sauce with the bread.

  • When you’re sitting at the table enjoying this dish, order a glass of wine and make a toast in our honor for having offered you such a succulent recommendation.

Because reading is where the journey begins...
  • The Best Chili Crab

    In order to eat Chili Crab go to Boat Quay. Because it’s one of the most touristic áreas in Singapore, you’ll find numerous restaurants that serve this typical dish.

  • Spicy Tastes

    Take into account that Chili Crab is spicy, so ask about how intense its flavors are.

  • Connecting Flights for Foodies

    It’s practical to program a connecting flight in Singapore when traveling to China, Malaysia or other Asian countries. Once at the airport, you’ll find several restaurants that serve Chili Crab.