Veracruz Coffee Lovers
Coatepec is not only a Pueblo Magico but also a very important town for coffee-growers in Mexico.

In Coatepec Enjoy One of Mexico’s Finest Coffees

In Mexico, traveling to the so-called Pueblos Mágicos (Magical Towns) –towns that are protected by the Mexican Ministry of Tourism because of their beauty and history– implies driving away from an urban environment to be touched by the harmonious way of life of a more natural world, full of history and traditions.

Coatepec is not only magical but also a very important town for coffee-growers. There, the locals use their land to plant coffee beans and they export their best crops to countries such as the United States, Canada, Germany and France, among others. That’s why this destination is an excellent choice for DINKtravelers who are fond of coffee and heart-felt conversations.

Cafés in Coatepec

When you arrive at downtown Coatepec, you’ll find dozens of coffee shops offering a wide verity of preparation styles of this tasteful beverage. From the aromatic cappuccino, drip coffee, the espresso and the classical lecheros –a combination of strong concentrated coffee with fresh hot cow milk served in a crystal glass– all of them reflect the special touch of the city of Veracruz. At the same time, all the coffee-shop owners like to add their own personal touch, and so, some roast the coffee beans more, others prepare lighter brews and many of them opt for creativity and serve the dark liquid in finely crafted artistic cups. And to add the perfect touch, coffee shops are definitely an attraction on their own with their fancy interior designs and their original representations of the most authentic Mexican style.

Coffee Brewing Methods

Locals believe that every cup of coffee in this picturesque town of Veracruz invites the tourist to reflect on the whole process required for its elaboration; from the laborious work during harvest season, to the care needed to create the perfect ground bean and the talent behind its preparation. In that sense, there’s a popular saying that affirms that a good coffee has a pleasant taste even if it’s cold, but locals recommend that you decide whether or not you’re drinking good coffee by sipping it and allowing it to slowly stimulate your taste buds. Then, after you swallow it, you should still perceive the scent of roasted coffee and your tongue should remain impregnated by a soft aftertaste.

Souvenirs Made With Coffee Beans

Apart from enjoying this intense elixir and the long conversations that accompany it, we recommend walking the streets of Coatepec and visiting the crafts shops. There, you’ll find trinkets made with coffee beans as well as gourmet souvenirs like coffee beans covered with dark chocolate or a sweet and creamy coffee liqueur.

In your promenade along the paved streets of Coatepec framed by colonial buildings, don’t miss the chance to visit the coffee plantations that encircle the inhabitants’ houses. Many of them will gladly open their doors for you and invite you in to have a hot and comforting cup of fresh roasted coffee.

Because reading is where the journey begins...
  • Pack According to the Weather

    Given Coatepec’s geographic location on a mountainous area, carry a raincoat because you never know when it’s going to rain.

  • Get the Best View

    Climb up to Coatepec’s scenic overlook and you’ll discover a new landscape every day, sometimes foggy, sometimes clear.

  • Enjoy a Cup of Java

    Visit the great coffee grower haciendas that make Coatepec such an ideal destination for coffee lovers.

  • Coffee Tasting

    If you order a coffee after lunch and it gets cold, then you’ll know if it’s a good variety, because quality coffee tastes great even cold

  • Order Coffee and Chocolate

    Order a coffee with dark chocolate. It enhances the taste of coffee.

  • Coffee Making Tradition

    Coffee growth and commerce since the 19th century made Coatepec a rich region that still preserves its coffee making tradition.

  • Mountain Weather

    Coatepec is constantly covered in fog because it’s located in a mountainous area.

  • The Athens of Veracruz

    The city of Jalapa, near Coatepec, has been called the Athens of Veracruz because of the rich cultural activity it hosts.