Japanese Cherry Blossom
Sakura is like a happy bell that announces the arrival of spring in Japan

Enjoy Japan’s Iconic Sakura in Tokyo

Japanese winter is cold. People eagerly wait for spring and the cherry Blossom or sakura is like a happy bell that announces the upcoming warmer season.

Japan in Springtime

As a tradition, the Japanese like to go out and enjoy the beauty of this pink and white exquisite landscape, and actually, they do it in a very joyful and pleasurable way. Food and considerable amounts of alcohol are always part of picnics under the flowering trees, so it’s not rare to find couples or groups of friends eating bento (Japanese lunch boxes sold in supermarkets) and having a little too many glasses of sake. Later in the evening, it is also customary to take a peaceful nap under a cherry blossom ceiling, and if you’re there with your partner or loved one, nothing can be better than being awakened with a kiss.

Where to See Cherry Blossoms in Tokyo

There are lots of wonderful places where you can find the cherry blossom. Three of the most popular in Tokyo are Chidorigafuchi, Ueno Onshi Park and Asukayama Park. All of them have thousands of cherry blossom trees that make up astonishing views; however, even if they’re all worth visiting, they tend to get very crowded –particularly since the cherry blossoms only last one week or even less, so everyone wants to get a chance at seeing them. Therefore, DINKtravelers has a very nice recommendation for you.

Harima Zaka or Sakura Zaka

There’s a special place you must visit called Harima Zaka, and nicknamed Sakura Zaka, which means “cherry blossom slope”. This magnificent slope is about 500m long, and all along there are about 150 cherry blossom trees! Altogether, these trees create a fabulous cherry blossom arch that contrasts beautifully with the blue sky above. When the wind blows, you will find yourself surrounded by pink, cute and tiny petals that will embrace you as part of an amazing experience. Don’t forget to make a wish and try to catch a petal before it lands. It is said that if you succeed, your wish will come true.

How to Get to Harima Zaka

The closest subway station to Harima Zaka is Myogadani in the Marunouchi line. After you cross the gate you will find a supermarket where they sell very nice bento. Stop by to buy your favorite take-away dishes or enjoy the comfort of excellent service and tasty Italian cuisine in one of the two restaurants you will find along the slope.

Because reading is where the journey begins...
  • Meet Japan's Emperor

    If you want to meet Japan’s emperor, travel to Japan on December 23rd or January 2nd, when he and his family go out in public in order to celebrate his birthday and the New Year.

  • Take the Train in Japan

    You can practically get anywhere in Japan by taking the train. Check the routes and ticket costs, or buy a Pass to get a fixed rate.

  • Get a Roaming Package

    Ask your cell phone company about roaming packages in Japan. Also, once at Narita airport you can rent a mobile phone.

  • A Flower in Full Bloom

    Sakura or Cherry blossom is one of Japan’s symbols. That’s why when in blooms in spring they have a festival and picnic celebration known as Hanami.

  • Lots of Places to Study

    In Tokyo there are over 150 universities.

  • From Sumo to Baseball

    Sumo wrestling is a popular sport in Japan. However, in Tokyo, as in Chicago and Seoul, you’ll find two huge major league baseball stadiums.