Medieval Village of Peratallada
Peratallada is like a bubble of medieval history suspended in time. Visit this jewel of the Costa Brava and live the best of Catalonia.

Travel Guide of Peratallada in Spain

Ah, Catalonia! Without doubt, one of DINKtravelers’ favorite destinations is this region that’s so rich in history, art, golden beaches and a cosmopolite atmosphere that welcomes tourists making them feel at home.    

On this occasion, we want to invite you to visit one of Catalonia’s most typical and romantic corners: Peratallada, 30 km north of Gerona (Costa Brava). This town is for travelers like a bubble of medieval history that’s been suspended in time.

Catalan Cuisine in Peratallada

There, bohemians enjoy the evenings at the cafés and then they walk along narrow streets that are embraced by stone-made buildings. On the other hand, foodies find delight in typical dishes like fideuá –pasta noodles that are prepared in a similar way to paella with fish and seafood– and cargols a la llauna –boiled escargots that are bathed in a hot sauce–, while they buy different gourmet products as souvenirs including iberico ham, fuet –a type of sausage– and regional wines.

Rural Tourism in Peratallada

This town that was declared a Historic-Artistic Complex in 1975 is also a great destination for those who enjoy cultural tourism, given that it’s one of the most important and better-preserved medieval architectonic nucleus in Catalonia. In that sense, some of the most interesting attractions include the Torre de les Hores (it harbored a public clock); the Palace; the Plaza de les Voltes; the Peratallada Castle, built in the tenth century and which is popular for its gardens and palatial dining rooms; the Torre de L’Homenatge, a symbol of identity for the locals; and Saint Esteve’s Church, a jewel of Romanic architecture that was built between the twelfth and eighteenth centuries.

With such a multifaceted town, your trip to Peratallada promises to be a unique sensory experience.

DO Empordà Wine Route

Visit Peratallada on foot but remember that the paving is not high heels-friendly.

Extend your trip and reserve your tickets for the DO Empordà wine route along several destinations of the Costa Brava.

Surprise your travel mates with this interesting fact: the name Peratallada, which means “carved stone” comes from the town’s defensive walls and ditch which were built with overly worked stone.

How to Get to Peratallada

From Barcelona

By car: The approximate duration of the trip is 1h 30 min.

By bus: From the Prat Airport (there are bus stops in both terminals) travel to Pals (Pals or Mas Patoxas stations) 1 h 30 min and once there take another bus to Peratallada 20 min. Find bus schedules in Moventis.

From Gerona

By bus: You’ll find bus services to Peratallada from Correus, Girona Estació and Hospital Josep Trueta 1 h.

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