The Best Vacations in Bintan Island
Discover the Pirate Island in Indonesia that’s hidden in the China Sea!

Visit the Pirat Island in Indonesia

Bintan Island is surrounded by the Chinese Sea and is part of the Indonesian archipelagos. Its origins date back to the year 200 when it was a strategic port for the commerce route between China and India. Around the year 1200, this island started being called “Pirate Island” since several Malaysian pirates anchored their vessels near this fantastic destination’s coasts.

If you are in Singapore, in the eastern end of the world, you can get to Bintan Island by ferry or airplane because it harbors three ferry terminals as well as an airport. DINKtravelers suggests taking the aquatic route so you can enjoy the adventure of sailing across the vast China Sea.

The Best Things to See in Bintan Island

This destination has several interesting places you can visit, including the historic island of Penyengat, Tanjung Pinang and the 28-meter tall (90 ft.) monument dedicated to the Malacca hero Raja Ali Haji. However, Pirate Island is better known as a vacationing place ideal for fun and relaxation. The hotels you’ll find there extend several acres across the territory, so it’s common for guests to use golf carts to move around the facilities.

The Best Things to Do in Bintan Island

Best of all: if you travel to Bintan Island you’ll be able to do everything you imagine and more. You’ll have the chance to participate in over 60 activities such as water and sand sports, jungle tours and several other alternatives for both indoors and outdoors. In that sense, you’ll have many options to get nice workouts and have fun.

If you prefer water sports, we recommend snorkeling, jet skiing, fishing excursions and kayaking. On the other hand, if you enjoy land sports, you can choose among football, badminton, golf, archery and tennis; but if you’re fond of extreme sports, then you should rent a motorcycle and go on a ride around the island.

Now you know, if you are in Asia and you want to try a new experience, visit Bintan Island… the far East’s favorite destination.

Fun Facts About Bintan Island

Sometimes you can find wooden structures spread across the China Sea surrounding Bintan Island. These small huts, similar to floating houses, are called Kelong. Fishermen build them onshore and then they push them out to the sea so they can inhabit them during the six months that fishing season lasts. Once their work is done, they abandon the Kelong and start building new ones for the following season.

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  • Go on a Field Trip to Bintan Island

    From Singapore you can pay for tours to Bintan Island, an excellent destination to get a good suntan.

  • Drive Around Bintan Island

    In some hotels located in Bintan Island you can move around in golf carts, but if you want to drive around the island, it’s better to rent a car.

  • Tropical Bintan

    Because it’s located in an area near the Equator, Bintan Island possesses a monsoonal tropical weather, so it’s warm year-round.

  • Pirate Island

    Bintan Island is known as Pirate Island because pirate ships coming from Malaysia docked there in the eleventh century.

  • Fishing in Bintan Island

    South of Bintan Island you can find jungles, beaches and fishing towns.