Meet the World’s Smelliest Fruit
When you try durian, known as the King of Fruits, you’ll only have two options: to love it or hate it.

Durian: The King of Fruits

Durian has been consumed in Southeast Asia for ages although it was introduced to the Western world only 600 years ago. Nowadays durian is called “The King of Fruits” due to its size, its penetrating odor and the roughness of its peel.

The Origin of Durian

Even though it comes from Malaysia and Indonesia, it is known all around the world. For example, in countries like Thailand, Singapore, Cambodia, Philippines and Madagascar, you’ll find it in local markets and hawker stalls.

Consider yourself warned! There’s a saying in Malaysia that goes: “Durian, you hate it or you love it”. And although at first people doubt the veracity of this statement, they stop doubting it as soon as they live the experience of trying it.

The Smelliest Fruit in The World

Prepare to eat it in the evening, after 6 p.m. That’s the time when several stalls start taking out baskets full of this extraordinary fruit. Surely, your nose will find them even before your eyes. This is because the fruit has such a strong scent even without being peeled, that there are some Asian countries where it is forbidden to ride the bus or the subway or even walk into a hotel with it!

Once you reach the stall you’ll find a large oval fruit with peaks that make it hard for people to hold it unless they’re wearing special gloves. After you pick one that looks ripe and tasty, the vendor will cut it in half. Inside you’ll find a yellow heart-shaped pulp.

Naturally, if at first you find the fruit’s odor too unpleasant, you’ll need a lot of courage to taste it. Even if it’s not easy to describe how it tastes, some people say it has a pineapple-vanilla flavor. All we can say is that once you chew the durian, you’ll feel as if a soft coating covered your palate and dosed the fruit’s taste in your mouth for a long while. Actually, this effect is so intense that you’ll still perceive it even after brushing your teeth.

Recipes With Durian

If you discover that you love the King of Fruits, we assure you that when you travel to Southeast Asia you’ll find delight in all its different presentations including: ice cream, tea, fruit juice, cakes, bread, crepes and even fried snacks. However, we recommend something more traditional such as the Keju Bollen, a cake with cheese and durian filling; or the Tempoyak, a dish that is prepared with fermented durian.

Don’t miss the opportunity to try it on your next trip to Malaysia or Indonesia. We guarantee that it will be a very original experience. If you dare taste it, don’t forget to share your adventure with us. Tell us if you’re one of the travelers who hate or love the King of Fruits.

Because reading is where the journey begins...
  • Taste the Forbidden Fruit

    If you’re going to try this delicious fruit, don’t do it on Singapore’s public transport. Due to its odor, it’s forbidden to eat it in public.

  • Eat a Smelly But Nutritious Fruit

    Try durian in your trip to Malaysia. Despite its odor, it has a high protein, healthy fats and sugar contents.

  • Choose the Right Fruit

    There’s no right way to choose a durian because it depends on whether you like it Green, ripe or with an alcoholic taste.

  • Choose the Right Fruit

    There’s no right way to choose a durian because it depends on whether you like it Green, ripe or with an alcoholic taste.

  • Fruit for the Brave

    Durian has a terrible odor but it’s been labeled as the best fruit in the world. Would you like to try it?

  • Smells that Kill

    Durian’s smell has been described as fetid, excrement-like and similar to a rotten onion. In other words, terrible.

  • No Wastes

    The roots, peel and leaves of durian are used in popular medicine. No part of this fruit goes to waste.