Experience Nubia
In Nubia you can take pictures of sandy landscapes, ride a camel and even hold a crocodile in your arms!

Nubian Adventure in Egypt

In Egypt, Nile River cruises are one of the best attractions. There are different routes and types of vessels, so there are enough varieties for all kinds of budgets and tastes.

Valley of the Kings

When you sail the Nile you can visit Luxor and then make stops at different touristic sites such as the Valley of the Kings and the temples of Karnak, Edfu and Philae, among others. Naturally, these options vary depending on the route you choose. Our recommendation is that you make sure that your last stop is the city of Nubia.

Aida Broadway Musical

This destination became famous thanks to the Broadway production Aida, with music by Elton John and Tim Rice, which had a successful four-year run. Still, the city’s attractions go beyond a fabulous musical.

Museum of Nubia

First you’ll find the Museum of Nubia, considered one of the most important museums in Egypt because it harbors objects from different times, from the prehistory of Nubia to its Greek, Roman and Islamic periods. On the other hand, you’ll get the chance to tour around the city on a camel –a unique experience for tourists.

Camel Trekking Day Tours

There are many small vessels that sail to the coast of Nubia. Once there, you’ll find a wonderful sandy landscape and groups of amusing camels waiting for you. Choose the friendliest one and sit on its hump. Don’t be afraid, but get ready because you’ll be swiftly lifted when the dromedary rises. Once you feel comfortable on your new transport, you’ll face a new challenge: how to ride it? There are different techniques and tips we can give you; for example, you can kick it softly on the sides with your heels or yell “g’wan!” Some people find it helpful to make sounds like chu chu chu, so, literally, you’ll have to learn to “speak camel” in order to continue your adventure. By the way, if you discover any new and effective way to communicate with them, please share it with other travelers by sending your comments about this article.

Once you become an expert camel rider, the rest of the tour will be all calmness and enjoyment. You’ll be able to ride at full gallop or simply trot and, actually, you should choose the latter and stay close to the tour group. This way you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy your surroundings and observe everyday life scenes in the city.

After your tour, you can visit the crocodile breeding center and learn a lot of interesting facts about this species. And if you’re brave enough, you’ll love to know that they’ll let you hold a baby crocodile –or even a medium size one– in your arms. Are you ready for the adventure?

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