The Market Hall in Rotterdam
The Markthal, the first roofed market in Holland, is a place where art and gastronomy, the passions frequent travelers enjoy, come together.

Markthal in Rotterdam

For DINKtravelers the pleasure of traveling is related with the love for gastronomy and the aesthetic enjoyment of architecture and art. For this reason, one of our most recommended trips is to the city of Rotterdam, which was completely bombed and destroyed during World War II but that instead of being rehabilitated like most European cities, it was rebuilt with surprisingly modern buildings. It will be in that setting where you’ll find the Markthal –the first roofed market in Holland–, a place where all the passions frequent travelers enjoy come together.

Markthal Architecture

Unlike what one would expect to see in a traditional market, the Markthal is a multifunctional space. There, you’ll find 96 food stalls where you can buy gourmet products like iberico ham or even exotic fruits; more than 20 stores distributed in underground levels, 8 international cuisine restaurants, a supermarket, a parking lot and…you won’t believe it: 228 apartments that have awesome views of the market from the crystal floors of their terraces!

This award-winning architectonic work by Winy Maas is located practically in front of the famous Cube Houses. The first impression that you’ll have when you see it is that it represents the perfect complement for the uber-modern environment of the city.

Art in Rotterdam

From afar, the market is a magnificent horseshoe-shaped attraction with a crystal façade that allows you to see the interior arched roof that’s painted with a wonderful 3D work of art that symbolizes the Horn of Plenty. In it, produce seems to fall from the heavens.

The building is considered such an innovating project that Queen Maxima of the Netherlands participated in the inauguration ceremony. What’s more, its construction led to archaeological findings that are now exhibited in De Trijdtrap, a vertical permanent showcase that you’ll find between the market’s escalators.

The Gourmet Market in Rotterdam

Since it would be a shame to visit the Markthal without trying the gastronomic delicacies that are sold there, DINKtravelers recommends arriving in mid afternoon so you can still see it with daylight. Then, have an early dinner at one of the market’s restaurants –we loved the Greek food offers– and later, for dessert, buy some delicious and hot churros with chocolate fudge. If you visit the market leisurely, when you leave it will already be after sunset and you’ll be able to see the building illuminated with the roof’s mural appearing as a huge explosion of color in the dark. 

Markthal accessibility

Take the subway to Blaak station, which is right in front of the Markthal. If you rent a bicycle at Rotterdam’s Central Station, park it near the subway station or in the semi-underground parking lot located next to the market.

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