Mount Fuji World Heritage Site
Mt. Fuji is a pleasure for your eyes and fun to climb! That’s why it’s a perfect attraction and the inspiration of many painters and poets.

Mt. Fuji in Japan

Finding fabulous sceneries is definitely one of the reasons to go on a journey and there are many places around this world where we can find spectacular views. DINKtravelers has already talked about lots of beautiful places in previous articles, but today, we would like to add a great destination to your future travel list: Mt. Fuji, Japan.

Fujisan Sacred Place

Mt. Fuji is the tallest mountain in Japan with an altitude of 3,776m. It’s located in between the Yamanashi and Shizuoka prefectures. Often, you’ll find this stratovolcano –a tall and cone-shaped volcano conformed by several hardened lava layers– snow-capped, but despite being such a natural beauty, it was actually recognized as ‘Cultural’ heritage in 2013 by the UNESCO. Why cultural? That’s because Mt. Fuji has inspired tons of artists and poets. If you visit the UNESCO’s website you’ll read: “Fujisan, sacred place and source of artistic inspiration”.

History of Mount Fuji

In ancient times, this volcano had repeated eruptions and outflows of lava, so it was considered a scared and mysterious mountain. Therefore, people believed that God lived on Mt. Fuji and they worshiped it with awe (Yohai). After the late Heian era, eruptive activity subsided, so it became a training center of Shugendo, a fusion of traditional Japanese mountain worshipping and esoteric Buddhism. With time, the practice of worshipping Mt. Fuji from afar changed and people started climbing its slopes as a worship practice (Tohai).

DINKtravelers recommends two ways of enjoying Mt. Fuji: first, from afar. One of the best places from which you can admire the mountain is lakeside of Yamanakako, especially, the North Coast of Hirano. From there, if you are lucky, you will see Mt. Fuji as if it emerged from Yamanakako lake. Best of all, the lake’s surface serves as a mirror so it reflects the imposing volcano creating a breathtaking scenery.Have your camera ready and immortalize the moment.

Climbing Mount Fuji

If you love nature and fitness, you're perfect for our other recommendation, which is climbing Mt. Fuji. Watching sunrise from the mountaintop is awesome. For sure, you'll have a fabulous view on a clear day. Mt. Fuji is the tallest mountain in Japan so it's tough to climb. In case you’re not ready for a big physical effort, simply depart from the fifth climbing station. To get there, most people just take a bus. If you don’t want to miss sunrise, you can book bothies (similar to a small house) in advance. This way you’ll save energy to climb to the top on time.

Take into account that you can only climb during summer season, so please visit Mt. Fuji’s official website for more details.

If you have more time, program a visit to the hot springs and the amusement park near Mt. Fuji. Also, Shizuoka city is famous for its eel. Don't miss it!

Mt. Fuji is amazing to watch and fun to climb. Don’t forget to include it in your itinerary on your next trip to Japan.

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