Suomenlinna Fortress
The fortress of Suomenlinna has survived uncountable wars and it enriches the quaint landscape of Helsinki.

Visit Suomenlinna in Helsinki

For those who enjoy the cold weather during winter season, the city of Helsinki in Finland is an excellent option to visit, not only because of its chilly temperatures but also because of the unique historic sites it nestles. One of them is the eighteenth-century fortress of Suomenlinna, located at one of the islands found near the Finnish capital.

Every city, town or destination possesses iconic places that travelers must visit. Such is the case of Suomenlinna, built by the Swedish king during the eighteenth century when the Finnish duchy was part of his domains. Later, it was possessed by the Russians who annexed all those territories after the Russian-Swedish war. During those times Suomenlinna was used as a naval base and went on to have this use for 110 years, while it was under the Russian power.

Suommenlina: World Heritage Site

In the early twentieth century, during the Finnish Civil War, the fortress was used as a small prisoners camp and it was not until after the war that it received its current name. After World War II it became property of the Education and Culture Ministry, and in 1991 it was declared Unique Military Architecture by the UNESCO in recognition of its permanence after so many wars.

Many areas in Suomenlinna were adapted for touristic purposes. Therefore, you can visit the six museums they’ve built on site. Yet, only the Suomenlinna Museum is open year-round. It’s special because it harbors all the information about the construction and history of this fortress, and it offers material for travelers in nine languages. The other five museums are only open during summer, but if you’re planning to travel there in winter, don’t worry, plenty special events are planned and held in each of the museums during this season.

Visit Helsinki

Complement your journey with a visit to the different local restaurants and coffee shops that serve hot seasonal beverages. Then, take a walk around the city of Helsinki. It’s engulfed by the sea and it offers marvelous views. Actually, Suomenlinna is one of the main characters that stand out in the landscape.

Along your promenade, the waves will define your walking tempo while you lose yourself in a horizon enriched by cruise ships and sailboats that paint a quaint landscape.

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