Best of Sapporo
Sapporo is an enjoyable and relaxing city where you’ll find ski slopes, tasty food and hot springs!

Travel to Hokkaido and visit Sapporo

Winter has come. Where could your next destination be? You might be thinking about going somewhere warm to avoid the cold, but before you do, DINKtravelers would like to invite you to a an enjoyable and relaxing place where you’ll also find great gastronomic experiences: Sapporo, Japan.

Flighs from Tokyo to Sapporo

Sapporo is one of the cities in Hokkaido, which is located in the Northern part of Japan. It harbors Shin-Chitose airport, and it’s an hour and half away from Haneda airport. Take an early flight to make the most out of your day in the city.

Skiing in Sapporo

Once you’ve arrived at Shin-Chitose airport, stretch your legs and prepare to do some exercise. Sapporo is a snowy city, so, of course, we’re talking about skiing! Sapporo is a modern city but there are several ski slopes nearby. There is a direct bus that takes you from the airport to the Sapporo Kokusai ski resort. Take the bus at 9:15 and you’ll arrive around 11:15 (depart schedules might change, so please double check before buying your tickets). At the reception desk, you can rent all your ski wear and gear before you are ready to go out and enjoy the cold white world around you! Tips: wear thermal underwear to avoid freezing.

Dining in Sapporo

After you wear yourself out, catch the bus at 17:00 and head to Sapporo city. You’ll arrive there between 18:30 and 19:30. It’s the perfect time to enjoy great Japanese food. Our recommendations: seafood teppanyaki with beer, ramen or sushi. The choice is yours.

Sapporo is surrounded by the ocean so, without doubt, you’ll be served pretty fresh seafood. If you are beer lover, there are several varieties available. You can order it as pairing for seafood teppanyaki, of course, or mutton BBQ. Another option is visiting a beer factory or ordering Sapporo’s craft beer at your hotel.

If you’re having ramen, Susukino is your go-to place, and if you prefer to try the sushi, hear this: You might think you know all about this dish, but at this destination it’s so fresh that you’ll think it’s nothing like any previous experiences you’ve had. The sushi will melt in your mouth!

Hot Springs in Sapporo

With a happy and full stomach, it will be time to go to your hotel. Yet, it shouldn’t be any hotel but one that has hot springs as part of its amenities. Take a long bath and recover from your exciting day before jumping into bed. You will sleep like a baby, guaranteed. Just remember that people with tattoos are not allowed in most Japanese hot springs, so in case you have one, look specifically for a tattoo-friendly onsen (hot springs).

Because reading is where the journey begins...
  • Take the Train in Japan

    You can practically get anywhere in Japan by taking the train. Check the routes and ticket costs, or buy a Pass to get a fixed rate.

  • Get a Roaming Package

    Ask your cell phone company about roaming packages in Japan. Also, once at Narita airport you can rent a mobile phone.

  • Avoid Accidents

    Never try ski trails above your level unless you have already practiced enough.

  • Wear Sunblock

    Protect your skin from sun damage because in Winter destinations it can cause more sunburn than at the beach. Also, wear sunglasses.

  • Ski Champions

    The country that has the greatest number of ski stations is Japan, with 547.

  • Skiing Around the World

    Almost 70 countries around the world house at least one ski station.