Tokyo SkyTree
The SkyTree in Tokyo is the world’s tallest tower with 634 meters. Include it in your next trip to Japan.

Visit the SkyTree in Japan

When you travel you have the possibility of marveling at the structures humans have built.  Actually, different countries try to attract tourists based on this idea. We can think about, for example, the Burj Khalifa of Dubai, or the Danyang-Kunshan Bridge in China, which are, respectively, the biggest building and bridge in the world.

This feeling of grandness challenges engineers and architects of all nations to develop new projects that surpass their predecessor. Countries like the United Arab Emirates, the United States and China top this tough race, but Japan is also a worthy competitor.

One of its great projects is the SkyTree in Tokyo, Japan, considered the tallest communication tower in the world with 634 meters. Its construction lasted practically four years and it’s used as a broadcasting antenna.

Visit the Tokyo SkyTree

Ride the subway to get to the tower and get off at Narishirabashi station or at Oshiage station; either station is a good option because the SkyTree is located exactly between them.

Consider that there are two overlooks in the SkyTree; one at 350 meters and the other one at 450 meters. Tickets for each overlook are sold separately so make sure you buy both. However, if you forget to get the ticket for the highest overlook, you can still buy it when you visit the first one.

In order to avoid long lines, DINKtravelers recommends purchasing your tickets online. Still, they only accept local credit cards so start making Japanese friends! If you can ask them to buy your tickets for you, your waiting time will be reduced to the time it takes for the lift to take you to the overlook. This high-speed elevator climbs 450 meters in 1’30”!

Once at the top you can learn a lot thanks to the information screens that will tell you all about the history of the SkyTree. You’ll also get the chance to enjoy the 360-degree views of the city, have fun walking on the vertigo-inducing crystal floor of the tower or even have a coffee with the city at your feet.

Daytime is perfect to visit the interior of the tower, but nighttime is ideal to admire it from afar. The lights that outline the structure will make you feel that you are standing before a futuristic building. In fact, two types of light illuminate the tower alternately. The Iki is blue and it highlights the main core of the tower as well as its crown, and the Miyabi is a series of purple light sparkles that shine throughout the metal structure and the crown.

Now you know, in your next visit to Tokyo you must include the SkyTree as part of your tour.

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  • Meet Japan's Emperor

    If you want to meet Japan’s emperor, travel to Japan on December 23rd or January 2nd, when he and his family go out in public in order to celebrate his birthday and the New Year.

  • Choose the Best Hotel Location

    If you plan a visit to Hakone reserve a hotel in Tokyo, which is only 2 hours away from this destination.

  • Plan a Route

    The Tokyo Sky Tree is very close to Asakusa, one of the most popular boroughs in Tokyo. Profit the chance to visit several attractions in one day.

  • Find the Best Views

    From top of the Tokyo Sky Tree you’ll have one of the best panoramic views of the city because you’ll get to see above the skyline, so make the most of your camera.

  • Fill Your Memories with Light

    Prepare your camera and photograph the Tokyo Sky Tree at night, when they light the tower with LED lights in blue and purple shades.

  • Lots of Places to Study

    In Tokyo there are over 150 universities.

  • Sky High Transmissions

    The Tokyo Sky tree is the tallest transmission tower in the world with its 634 meters.

  • Communication Problems

    The Tokyo Sky Tree was built in order to achieve a better transmission because the signal that was transmitted from the previous tower that was 333 meters tall was always obstructed.

  • Sky High Architecture

    The Tokyo Sky Tree is presently the second tallest man-made structure.