Automobiles in Cuba
In Cuba you’ll find over 60,000 cars that date back to the early 20th century. These classic models will make you relive the 50s!

Travel to Cuba Live the Passion of the Classic Cars

When you travel to new destinations, it’s probable that you include visiting the most emblematic museums of a city as part of your itinerary. But if it turns out that you’re also a classic cars fanatic, cities like Mulhouse, in France, where you’ll find the biggest classic cars museum in the world, or Lima, in Peru, where you can visit the Nicolini museum with the biggest classic cars collection in South America, will surely be places you won’t want to miss. But if what you wish is not only to admire these collections but also to live great experiences submerged in a warm weather environment with impressive ocean views and Latin rhythms, DINKtravelers will take you on a trip to the island of Cuba.

Cuba’s Classic Car Collection

Cuba is the destination where every automobile collector must travel to in order to see all his dreams come true. There, you’ll find a great number of classic cars on the streets. There are approximately 60,000 classic cars circulating along the island and the models date back to the decades between 1910 and 1959. Brands like Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, MG, Oldsmobile, Pontiac and Plymouth, among others, ride the streets of this beautiful destination every day.

Why Does Cuba Have So Many Classic Cars?

Until a few years back, Cuba kept its doors closed to commerce with the United States. Therefore, it was practically impossible to get original replacement parts for owner’s cars. This had a great impact in the use of transportation in the island, considering that most of the automobiles you can find there are American. However, thanks to the locals’ wit and the technical knowledge they acquired over time, they managed to keep their cars running for over 70 years. For this reason, it’s common to find classical models with a diesel motors instead of gas-oil  –a V8 is a high-maintenance motor because it consumes a lot of gas.

Car Rental in Cuba

In Cuba, you’ll be able to enjoy not only looking at the cars but also living the experience of getting a ride in them, especially because classic taxis are already an icon in Cuba. But if you prefer to be the one behind the wheel and you want to drive a car from the early twentieth century, you’ll also get the chance to do so since there are car agencies that offer car rentals for rides across the Habana or excursions to Viñales Valley, one of Cuba’s national parks which was declared Natural Heritage by the UNESCO thanks to its impressive topography formed by meteorites.

If you choose to drive a classic, just please take every possible precaution, because if you’re involved in a car incident… you’ll get a free ride to the Cuban jail, not as a tourist, but as a guest!

Because reading is where the journey begins...
  • Pack Intelligent

    When traveling to Cuba remember to pack all you need, even a first aid kit. It might even be complicated to purchase a toothbrush at this destination.

  • Spend One Night in Cuba

    Cuban nights are famous all around the world, so don’t leave Cuba without planning an overnight stay.

  • Classic Models

    If you visit Cuba prepare to travel back in time with the automobiles you’ll find there.

  • Cuban Trips

    Even though you’ll always find tour packages from Habana, Cuba to Varadero, you can also rent a car and travel to Cienfuegos, Trinidad and other nearby towns.

  • Limited Wi-Fi

    Did you know that only 5% of Cubans have internet Access?

  • Waiting Call

    Until 2008 Cell phones were prohibited in Cuba.