Vajdahunyad Castle in Budapest
Verosliget is the oldest urban park in the world and it houses a castle that was built in cardboard before it was turned into a museum.

Travel to Hungary and visit the Varosliget Park

Hungary is a destination that offers plenty attractions and that covers a rich span of history, culture and traditions being one of the oldest countries in Europe –it was founded in the year 1000 a.D., and remained intact for almost one millennium–.

Located in Central Europe, Hungary had several encounters with diverse cultural groups. That’s why its territory nestles the inheritance of the Celtic, Roman and Ottoman cultures. For a long time, it was considered a world power, but the First and Second World Wars ravaged the area leaving it in a crisis.

Varosliget Park Budapest

As you can imagine, in Hungary you’ll find a great cultural and historical mix, but on this occasion, DINKtravelers wants to invite you to visit what was the first urban park in the world and that is known as Varosliget. This park is found in the city of Budapest and for a long time its 126 hectares have been a popular recreational hotspot. In the beginning it was a place where noblemen hunted, and now it’s a public meeting place where Hungarians enjoy spending time with their family and friends. The park harbors several attractions such as the botanic garden, the zoo and the Széchenyi health resort but, without doubt, the silver lining is the Vajdahunyad Castle.

History of Vajdahunyad Castle

The castle’s construction works ended in the 18th century, and its architecture is meant to portray different Hungarian buildings, particularly the Castle of Transylvania, which is nowadays located in the Rumanian territory. It shows several different architectonic styles such as Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque. Something that will surprise you is that originally the castle was built in wood and cardboard for an 1896 exhibit called “Millennial Exhibition” that celebrated the first thousand years of the Hungarian state; but it gained such popularity that they decided to rebuild it, this time in brick and stone.

Speaking of surprising and contrasting changes, the castle served as a church for the people of Village Jak; then it was turned into the Palace of Prince Paul Esterhazy I, and nowadays it houses the Museum of Hungarian Agriculture that displays Hungary’s agricultural history from the Neolithic era to present day.

Outside the premises you shouldn’t miss visiting the statue of the Anonymous character that is believed to represent King Béla III, author of the first Hungarian History books. Approach it and touch the pen it’s holding… legend tells that doing so will bring you good luck.

Lastly, if you wish to appreciate the castle’s façade, the best spot to do so is from the lake. During summer you can rent a boat and sail across the lake, but if you travel in winter, the lake will be frozen and that will give you the chance to enjoy its transformation into a skating rink.

Whichever season you choose to visit Verosliget Park, the Vajdahunyad Castle will truly enthrall you.

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